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Birgitta Drwenski

Personal Details

Birgitta currently works as a specialist in the Liquidity Advisory team in Commerzbank’s Group Treasury division. Prior to joining the treasury department, she worked as a director in the Fixed Income & Currency (FIC) area of Commerzbank’s Corporates & Markets division. Her two main areas of responsibility were Collateral Optimisation and Economic Value-Added (EVA) Pricing. In addition to heading both teams in FIC’s Resource Management group, she built a team that offered collateral advisory services to clients.

She started her working life as an interest-rate options trader at WestLB (Westdeutsche Landesbank) before moving into credit derivatives, followed by CVA (Counterparty Valuation Adjustment) trading and management at Dresdner Bank. Over a period of ten years in London and in Frankfurt, she was part of the small team that set up the CVA function at Dresdner Bank.

Over the last few years, her focus shifted from pure CVA management to pricing & optimization of the resources used by OTC derivatives such as capital (Credit RWA and CVA Capital Charge), balance sheet and liquidity. Counterparty credit and liquidity risk became the focus of regulators´ attention due to the financial crisis of 2008.

She has a secondary degree in economics and two primary degrees in economics and mathematics from Heidelberg University. Birgitta is a CFA charterholder and holds the FRM designation.