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Research Centres at Frankfurt School

The research centres enhance the spectrum of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research at the Frankfurt School. Each research centre has its own clearly defined area of specialisation and conducts an ongoing exchange with the research community, experts from other universities and specialised journalists. 

Environment & Sustainable Finance
UNEP Collaborating for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance
UNEP Collaborating for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance

Driving climate action requires investment and financial solutions. Shifting from business-as-usual to greener economic activities requires policy changes, technology improvements, and funding amongst others. The net benefits of investing in climate solutions far outweigh the costs. The FS-UNEP Centre works towards sourcing and directing funding flows to critical projects that make long-lasting impacts and offer compelling net benefits. Read More

Centre for European Transformation

Centre for European Transformation Image

The Centre for European Transformation leads Europe's drive towards a sustainable future by addressing interconnected challenges and emphasizing the need to boost capital for growth. With a mission to advance crucial scholarship areas and a vision of becoming a premier think tank uniting academia, business, and government, it aims to foster sustainable growth and address 21st-century challenges in Europe. Read More

Blockchain and AI in Finance
Frankfurt School Blockchain Centre
Blockchain centre

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC): The FSBC is a think tank and research center focused primarily on investigating the implications of blockchain technology. In addition to general research and prototype development, the FSBC serves as a networking hub for managers, start-ups, and experts to exchange knowledge and best practices. The FSBC also organizes educational opportunities for both students and executives, including on-campus courses, workshops, and conferences. Read More

Human Machine and Intelligence

The principal aims of the HMI are to produce and disseminate excellent and original research in Decision Science, Behavioral Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of advancing our understanding of judgment and decision-making. To become the premier center in Europe at the intersection of the decision sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and business, connecting theory to practice at the center of European finance. To stimulate and coordinate work worldwide at the intersection of finance, data science, and the decision sciences. To foster collaboration with researchers from adjacent areas, including… Read More

Managerial Economics and Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance Institute


The Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a think tank and research centre that promotes research and best practice in corporate governance. The CGI builds on Frankfurt School’s high-class faculty to generate insights from the connection between practice and theory. Founded in 2020, its activities are centred around five areas… Read More

Centre for Performance Management & Controlling
CPMC Image

Für Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen bildet das CPMC eine zentrale Anlaufstelle für grundlegende und anwendungsorientierte Forschung – ausgerichtet an aktuellen Fragestellungen, die unternehmens- bzw. branchenspezifisch oder branchenunabhängig sind. Wir verstehen uns als Innovations- und Expertenschmiede. Durch ein einzigartiges Netzwerk von Wissenschaftlern, Experten und Praktikern aus verschiedenen Branchen fungiert das CPMC als Trendsetter und Innovationsschmiede für den Sektor und hilft dabei... Read More

Frankfurt Institute for Private Equity and M&A

The Frankfurt Institute for Private Equity and M&A was founded in 2008 at Frankfurt School to provide a forum to promote networking, research and education in the areas of private equity and mergers & acquisitions. Since 2020 the Institute’s mission has broadened to encompass equity financing more generally. Read More

Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation
FCCR Image

The Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation (FCCR) of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management takes an interdisciplinary approach when dealing with regulation measures that steer the economy. The continuous exchange of experiences with companies is of vital importance and the FCCR is pleased to collaborate with 11 companies from different sectors of the economy. Read More

Economic and Financial Relations of Germany with the Global Community
Sino-German Centre
SGC Image

The Sino-German Center of Finance and Economics (SGC) at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a registered association since 2015. It emerged from the RMB initiative of the Government of Hessen to position the financial center of Frankfurt as RMB offshore hub. The Center conducts independent and relevant research in the field of economic and financial affairs between Germany respectively Europa and China and serves as a forum for dialogue among academics and professionals of both countries. Read More

Indo-German Centre
IGC Image

The Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence (IGC) is a think tank, research centre, and network that connects people and organizations interested in business relations between India and Germany. As an academic institution, it is independent and impartial but always close to the real world. It was founded in 2021 at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management… Read More