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Welcome to Frankfurt School!

Study Tours, organized by Frankfurt School in col­laboration with partner universities worldwide, are short-term academic experiences abroad led by Frankfurt School professors and experts.

Frankfurt School offers study tours of the highest quality, tailored to your institution´s and students’ specific needs and requests. With our flexibility, study tour programmes can be provided in Frankfurt with the added benefit of industry site visits, or on your premises for your convenience.

Frankfurt School has over a decade of experience, leading and organizing 3-10 day customized edu­cational programmes for Master and EMBA/MBA programmes from all over the world (South Africa, China, UK, Peru, Italy and many more).

What’s in it for you?

In addition to Frankfurt School´s high academic excellence, your students will also benefit from our exclusive and diverse corporate connections. From bank and institutional site visits to guest lecturers, students will have first-hand experience in the cor­porate sector of Frankfurt. Our team will work with you, to create and plan visits which align with the chosen academic curriculum.

Apart from providing core knowledge in both theo­ry and practice of the study field, students will have the opportunity to engage in activities including; a private campus tour of Frankfurt School, a guided city tour of Frankfurt, an introduction to German cuisine, cultural excursions, and plenty of social events for students to network.

Study tour at Frankfurt School

International students at a restaurant close to Frankfurt School

Frankfurt - A booming Business Location

As a leading financial center, international transport hub, global trade fair location and trading center, as well as a prime location for innovation, technology, education, culture and science, Frankfurt am Main and the Rhein- Main-Region attract companies of all sizes and from all business sectors.

Leading Financial center

Thanks to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the European Central Bank and many other major financial insti­tutions, Frankfurt am Main is Germa­ny's leading financial center.

International traffic hub

The business location of greater Frankfurt is one of the most import­ant traffic hubs in Europe. 35 million people live and work within a radius of 200 km. By road, rail, water and air – something is always moving here.

Global exhibition and trading center The Frankfurt Rhein Main region is one of Europe’s leading trade fair locations, hosting more than 60 fairs and exhibitions each year. Entre­preneurs from diverse industries all around the world meet up at these international trade fairs to exchange ideas.

Digital capital

Frankfurt is Europe's digital capital, and with more than six Terabit per second peak traffic, DE-CIX Frank­furt is the world's leading Inter­net Exchange. Right in the heart of Europe, you can reach more Eastern European networks than at any other Internet Exchange in the world.

Study Tour with Stellenbosch Business School

Study Tour with Stellenbosch Business School

Study Tour with Stellenbosch Business School

Study Tour with Stellenbosch Business School


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