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Get to know our Student Council

The Student Council is the bridge from the Student Body to the university's faculty and administration. We are here to ensure your voices are heard, your ideas valued, and your concerns addressed.

Beyond representation, we are dedicated to enriching the Frankfurt School community. Whether it is through supporting Frankfurt School’s initiatives, organizing memorable parties, or hosting events together with other universities, we are committed to bringing us all closer together.

But we are more than a council: we are a community where every voice counts and every student matters. Your ideas can spark change and enhance student life at Frankfurt School. So, do not hesitate to share them with us!


Speaker 2024

Viviana Littig & Lara Rieger

Speaker & Co-Speaker

Department Coordination: Ensure seamless coordination between all Student Council departments to facilitate efficient oversight of ongoing projects. 

Communication Bridge: Act as a vital link between the student body and Frankfurt School, fostering open communication and collaboration. 

Student Life Enhancement: Work with FS management to improve the student experience with the goal of making it enjoyable and fulfilling for each student.

Student Engagement 2024

Aryan Goswami & Juan Pablo Arriaga Penagos & Carl-Vincent von Glenck

Student Engagement

Student Initiative Support: Providing guidance and support for the establishment and operation of (new) student initiatives at Frankfurt School. 

Student Life: Initiating and implementing new projects aimed at enriching student life both on and off campus, thereby improving the overall student experience. 

Relationship Management: Consistently partner with the FS Community Management team and heads of existing initiatives to understand and provide support for their ongoing efforts and requirements. 

Internal & External Affairs 2024

Victoria Kehrberg

Internal & External Affairs

Community Collaboration: Facilitate and enhance inter-campus collaboration to strengthen the sense of community among students. 

Visibility and Communication: Ensure transparency by making StuCo actions and campus events widely known to the student body. Especially through proactive social media engagement. 

Alumni Liaison: Serve as the primary liaison to the Alumni Association and as a point of contact for student group speakers, fostering a strong alumni-student relationship. 

Treasury 2024

Jonah Schmidt


Budget Management: Oversee the Student Council budget to ensure that financial resources are managed effectively. 

Funds Allocation: Distributing funds to various departments within the Student Council according to their needs and plans. 

Strategic Advising: Providing internal Guidance to the Student Council regarding their objectives to align actions with the organization´s goals. 

Events 2024

Jacqueline Yung & Ekaterina Burkova


Event Organization: Plan and execute a variety of events to unite the student body and promote Frankfurt School spirit. 

Community Building: Create events that encourage cross-degree interaction, helping to form new connections and bonds between students from different programs. 

Engagement Enhancement: Coordinate with student initiatives to host events ranging from semester celebrations to networking opportunities that increase student engagement and collaboration. 

The Election

The student body elects the members of the Student Council. The term of the Student Council begins at the beginning of each summer semester and lasts 12 months. 

All members of the Student Council who

  • do not finish their studies during their term, and 
  • do not plan to spend a semester abroad during their term of office

are eligible for election.


Sending out the Student Council (StuCo) election form and opening applications for all eligible students.


Online election takes place.

End of January

The new members of the StuCo are announced to the Student Body.

End of January – Mid of February

The old and new StuCo work together during the handover weeks to allow for a smooth transition.


Official start of the term for the new members of the StuCo.


Besides the mentioned regular positions, we also represent student’s interests in quite many committees at Frankfurt School, for instance when dealing with scholarships, the appointment of new faculty members or the organization of examinations. Just to name a few concrete examples, we represent the students in

  • the “Fakultätsrat / faculty council”
  • the “Prüfungsausschuss akademische Studiengänge / faculty committee of academic programs”
  • the “Berufungskommissionen / appellate commission”
  • the “Förderausschuss / supporting committee”
  • the “Honour Council"
  • as well as some smaller committees and councils.