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JV&A Joint Core Tasks



Operating model development
  • Target operating model
  • Modes of contribution - Alliances
  • Modes of contribution - Joint Ventures
  • Case
  • Expert statement
  • Exit - Alliances
  • Exit - Joint Ventures
  • Workout

Business planning
  • Joint business plan
  • Workout
  • Distribution of earnings
  • Case
  • Expert statement



Module 2 presents in detail the core tasks that prospective partners need to jointly conduct during a Partnering project: Operating model development, business planning and governance systems design. After describing how to jointly develop the target operating model for a partnership Module 2 presents by Partnering structure modes of contributions as well as exit options and their implications.  Further, Module 2 presents how to translate the target operating model of a partnership into a joint business plan and how earnings from a partnership may be distributed according to the relative value of the partners’ contributions. Module 2 also presents the decisions bodies to govern a partnership. After discussing the role and responsibilities of the Supervisory Board in a partnership Module 2 describes mechanism to resolve conflicts as well as implications of management control.


All who are currently or in the future will be involved in growing their organizations through partnerships



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