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Module 3 - Cybercrime Investigation



  • The cybercrime incident - current situation and introduction 
  • Purpose of cybercrime investigations
  • First necessary steps
  • Framework conditions surrounding the investigation
  • Carrying out the investigation - methodology
  • Gathering and backing up of initial information as a basis for decision-making
  • Investigation preparation
  • Carrying out an investigation
  • Guidelines for carrying out an investigation correctly and successfully
  • Guidelines for assessing the usability of the investigation results
  • Evaluating the investigation results
  • Producing a report
  • Archiving and follow-up
  • Internal and external communication


The learner should understand how to approach a "digital" crime scene: How should and can evidence be preserved without putting limitations on the investigation and criminal prosecution process? He/she will learn how to formulate useful initial hypotheses, which he/she will need for the subsequent investigation. He/she will be able to determine an appropriate scope for his/her investigation and define necessary measures and measures to be undertaken in collaboration with internal and external assisting parties. He/she will also learn about different investigative methods which differ from and complement those used in the course of a public prosecutor's investigation.


The certificated course of study is ideal for individuals working in the following fields, who wish to become more professional in their investigation of cybercrime (economic cybercrime).

  • Fighting economic crime
  • Corporate security
  • IT security
  • Internal auditors
  • Internal investigators
  • Members of the police or armed forces




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