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Impact & Influence with Interactifs Discipline©




Sell your ideas, your business and even yourself!
Your success as a manager depends on your ability to make yourself heard and to sell your ideas. Having the best idea and being the most competent (which may have got you to where you are today) just isn’t enough. The more you progress in business the more critical your impact and influence become. They will determine how fast you get promoted, how well you perform in your current job, and even how much enjoyment you get along the way. By mastering the Interactifs Discipline© you will turn your "soft skills" into "hard skills". It can transform your career (and also your life) as it has for many of the more than 100 000 people trained around the world.
Your learn how to
  • make yourself heard
  • obtain results more quickly
  • act with authority without being authoritarian
  • negotiate while preserving your interests and maintaining the relationship
  • give feedback constructively
  • place arguments more effectively
  • be more comfortable with uncertain and tense situations


Filmed role play on real-life situations
Little theory, lots of practice on real-life professional situations, no PowerPoint


2 Tage


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