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The Project Manager: Project Monitoring, Communication and Conflict Resolution



  • Project status reports
    • Dealing with uncertainties, risks and project deviations

  • Project management: performance evaluation and progress measurement, reporting, documentation
  • Performance Progress: Measuring and Evaluating
  • Forecasting and Earned Value Management
  • Leading role of the project manager
    • Motivation
    • Leadership styles
    • Communication
    • Delegation
    • Feedback, conflict management, negotiation

  • Teamwork
    • Phases of team development
    • Cooperation in dislocated teams
    • Conflict management

  • Management of subcontractors and external service providers


You will learn how to monitor projects and its progress efficiently which will enable participants to successfully deal with risks. Besides, you will recognize deviations and control projects in accordance with objectives. Thus, the effective support of your project team in difficult phases will be ensured. Moreover, participants will work out the challenges of their leadership situation based on practical examples and develop useful solutions. Finally, you will be able to apply different solution strategies in conflict situations.


Project staff, project managers, and (future) project leaders.


Interactive lecture, discussion, group work, practical practice activities


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