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Basics, Methods and Organisation of Modern Project Management



  • Project definition/ common understanding of a project
  • Why is project management so important?
  • Types of projects
  • Order clarification and order description of projects
  • Project objective
  • Project environment and stakeholders
  • Risk management
  • Project structure and organization
  • Phase planning and milestone planning
  • Project structuring
  • Estimations: Effort, costs, duration
  • Scheduling
  • Budget planning
  • Resource planning


By using practical project examples, you will learn to apply the methods of effective project management. Furthermore, you will become acquainted with the essential basics for efficient project management in a practical way. For this, participants will learn the necessary steps for project preparation and recognize the influencing factors that can bring a project to success. As a result, you will significantly strengthen your project management skills. This entails not only the ability to plan and control your projects in a target-oriented way but also to gain planning certainty. In this way, you can sustainably support project success.


Project staff, project managers, and (future) project leaders


Interactive lecture, group work, practical practice activities, reflection


3 Tage


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