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Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy



The 2015 Frankfurt CSEF Summer Academy gives participants the chance to take a lead role in the climate finance story; including core coursework on the linkages between public and private sector finance, the impact of recent international climate negotiations and policies and sources of financing to scale up and unlock climate finance.The foundational core coursework is followed by technical courses covering an introduction to RE project finance and financial modeling. Participants will also benefit from prime knowledge exchange opportunities through an interactive session on project design and project pitch. Sensitivity analysis working groups tailored to your expertise will also be offered on energy efficiency finance, the role of microfinance and adaptation finance. The interactive sessions will enable participants to explore the risks and barriers to private investment in climate finance, building their own financial model and assessing the financial viability of investments, and the impact of public support instruments.To top off the week, a panel discussion will be held with senior level practitioners offering rare insights into the industry. The week´s evening programme offers socialopportunities to expand your professional network.


In this programme, an overview of the different forms of renewable energies and their current global use will be presented: wind, solar biomass, hydro and geothermal. The benefits of Energy Efficiency will also be explained. Moreover, strategies, tools, and methods of RE/EE project finance in different country contexts will be offered. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and to discuss real-life cases.


The Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy has a clear finance focus and is aimed at trainees and specialists in the following sectors: Financial institutions (project financiers in RE/EE: asset side, investment banking, microfinance institutions); initiator / fund houses: Private equity or venture capital; plant operators and manufacturers; project developers and engineers; insurance companies; investors: Public and private; advisory professions (law firms, business and tax consultants); academics and researchers. Other experienced professionals are of course welcome to apply to the programme.


Theoretical and practical orientation
All the trainers have extensive experience in the field of sustainable energy finance. Through the course they will provide knowledge with a clear hands-on focus tailored to the needs and realities of developing, emerging and industrialized countries. In order to offer both theoretical and practical expertise the trainers will be comprised of PhD professors and experienced financiers. To deepen the theoretical understanding real-life case studies from different regions and continents will be discussed throughout the presentations. In addition, to facilitate a more tangible experience field trips are planned that will complement the classroom curriculum.

Integrated knowledge
Themes and topics will be delivered via a mixture of lectures, discussions, group work, case studies and, field trips. Each component is carefully designed and led by an expert in the respective field. An experienced facilitator will guide the participants through the programme and will link the topics to each other.

Discussions with relevant stakeholders
The latest developments in financial markets and their impact on sustainable energy finance activities will be the topics of different presentations and panel discussions. Speakers form international finance institutions will provide insights and share views and ideas with the participants, thereby further enriching the programme.


1 Woche


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