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Bachelor of Science Scholarship Programme

Frankfurt School maintains a scholarship program for its Bachelor of Science geared toward highly qualified students. It consists of a reduction of the tuition fee for the entire duration of the studies. The semester(s) abroad are included in the scholarship, provided that students choose to go to one of our partner universities under a so-called exchange agreement.

Frankfurt School offers different types of scholarships. To maximize their chances, we encourage future students to apply for all scholarships for which they are eligible. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, which means that students need excellent school grades and a strong performance in the BSc admissions process.

General scholarships

General scholarships are open to all students with excellent grades and a strong performance in the Frankfurt School admissions process. General scholarships consist of a 15%, 25% or 50% reduction of the tuition fees.

Premium scholarships

The President's Scholarship

We award this scholarship to exceptionally highly qualified students. It includes a 75% tuition reduction and free accommodation at the Frankfurt School dorms during the first year.

German Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung) Fast Track and Scholarship ("allgemeine Hochschulreife/Abitur" only)

Students who are recommended by their school for a scholarship from the German Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) will receive priority admission to the BSc programme on a fast track. Instead of completing the full admissions process they only have to apply online, sit the interview and submit proof of language knowledge. Upon acceptance, they will automatically be granted a scholarship with 50% tuition reduction. If they are subsequently accepted into the Merit Foundation itself, Frankfurt School will increase the scholarship to 75% tuition reduction from the third semester onward.

Since schools typically submit their recommendations to the Merit Foundation in June or July future students can apply for this scholarship even if we have already admitted them to the BSc programme, provided that they have not started their studies yet. Applicants will need a confirmation signed by the headmaster of their school confirming that they have been or will be recommended for the Merit Foundation's scholarship programme. Students also need to maintain a minium grade point average of 1.5 on the German grading scale.

Special scholarships

The following scholarships are open to specific groups of students and consist of a 50% reduction of the tuition fees.

Women in Business Scholarship
For female students motivate with a proven entrepreneurial streak.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship
For students with an entrepreneurial spirit and interest in startup or with first experience in setting up a business.

IB Scholarship
For students who have or are about to complete the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

Scholarship for German Schools Abroad
For students who have or are about to finish secondary education at one of the German Schools Abroad (Deutsche Auslandsschulen). The school needs to be recognized by the Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen.

Quantitative Excellence
Scholarship for students who have exceptionally high grades in math and have participated in the final round ("Bundesrunde") of the German "Mathematik-Olympiade" (Olympiadeklasse 11 or 12).

Latin American Scholarship
Scholarship for students who are citizens of one of the following Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

GO WEST Scholarship
For students who are citizens of one of the following Central and Eastern European countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

STIBET III Matching Funds Scholarships

The STIBET programme, which is funded by the Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), provides financial support to international degree-seeking students.The scholarships are open to students who are not German citizens, are in possession of a foreign University entrance qualification recognized by the German authorities and have successfully passed the assessment procedure for the current intake.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management awards four scholarships worth EUR 3,000 each for incoming international undergraduate students to help them settle in.
The scholarships will be paid in five instalments of EUR 600 between September and January.
Selection criteria include candidates’ school performance (grades at A-Level or equivalent), performance in the Frankfurt School admissions process and extra-curricular achievements.
It is not necessary to submit a separate application for a scholarship. All applications for admission to the Bachelor of Science that have been submitted by 31 May will be considered automatically. To apply please click here. A Frankfurt School committee selects the scholarship winners by the end of July. The committee’s decision is final and candidates have no legal entitlement to a scholarship. Students who receive other scholarships or support from their employer towards the cost of tuition are not eligible for this scholarship.

How to apply

Before applying for a scholarship, future students first have to apply first for entry into the BSc programme at Frankfurt School, a process with multiple steps including an online application followed by assessment tests and an interview. Once applicants have been offered a place at Frankfurt School, the BSc Admissions and Scholarship Committee will automatically review their application and invite those it believes might qualify to apply for a scholarship. These applicants will then be asked to provide additional information.

The Committee meets regularly throughout the year to review applications and award scholarships. We recommend everybody interested in a scholarship to apply early as funds may be exhausted later in the year. We accept applications up to one year in advance. It is not necessary to have the final school leaving certificate at this stage.

Under no circumstances is it possible to apply for a scholarship if a student has already begun his or her BSc studies at Frankfurt School. The decision of the Committee is final and cannot be appealed. There is no legal right to a scholarship.


The scholarship may be reduced or revoked at any time if the student behaves in a way that is incompatible with the norms and values of Frankfurt School or the intentions of the scholarship. Frankfurt School may reclaim tuition reductions if the student made false statements in the application.

The scholarship is subject to a satisfactory academic performance. Every year the BSc Admissions and Scholarship Committee reviews the performance of the students. All scholarship holders are expected to maintain a certain average grade (between 75% and 85%) over the past two semesters.

If a scholarship holder does not fulfill the condition, Frankfurt School will downgrade the scholarship for the next two semesters. The scholarship will be reinstated in full if the student meets the criteria at the subsequent review. If a student fails to meet the conditions for a second consecutive time, the scholarship will be rescinded irrevocably. If a student is only slightly below the threshold, the Committee will also evaluate and consider a student's engagement for the School community, such as leadership roles in initiatives, the Student Council or as FS Ambassador, before taking a decision regarding the tuition reduction. Exceptions in case of hardship are also possible.

Scholarship holders are expected to participate in activities that the School organizes as part of the scholarship programme. Scholarship holders also agree to be available to a reasonable amount for the School's public relation activities, such as interviews and photo sessions.

Financing your studies

Financing your studies is a complex issue which should be planned with a long-term view. We’ll be delighted to advise you in person.

You should consider your studies as an investment in your professional future. As a world-class business school, we offer you not just optimum conditions for studying but also outstanding career prospects with an extremely attractive starting salary level.

A bachelor’s degree from Frankfurt School opens up excellent prospects for your professional future.

In order to deliver the highest quality in teaching and research we also require the utmost commitment dedication from our students. This is the only thing that counts: your current financial situation is not a deciding factor for acceptance into a Frankfurt School programme. 

Study first, pay later

The Generation Contract (GC) is an innovative model to finance your studies. The GC allows the applicant* to study at Frankfurt School without paying tuition fees during the study programme. Repayment starts after a successful career entry and after obtaining a minimum income of 30,000 EUR gross salary. Then alumni pay back a fixed percentage of their income over 10 years.