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The one-to-one mentoring programme at Frankfurt School is aimed at all students of the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Management programmes. An FS graduate (as mentor) accompanies a student for two semesters. The mentor and student form a tandem.

The aim is to support our students in their development. Mentees receive assistance with decision making, constructive feedback and learn the unwritten rules of the game.

Concept and background

The Frankfurt School Mentoring Programme is conducted in tandems. Graduates are involved, paying back time, experience and expertise to the next generation of students. They accompany and advise mentees for a predetermined period (usually two semesters).

Career advisors and alumni managers at Frankfurt School match students with mentors. They aim to form strong tandems that create inspiring relationships and a learning experience for both parties. Mentoring is neither coaching nor vocational or career advice. For mentoring to be successful, mentor and mentee must be open to new perspectives and impulses. They must communicate well and trust each other.

The tandems meet and work in a self-organised manner. They determine the content, focus and goals themselves. All topics discussed and all discussion contents are confidential.

Added value for mentors

Our mentors enjoy passing on their knowledge and experiences and personally supporting Frankfurt School students. They are exclusively alumni of Frankfurt School looking to maintain and expand contact with FS and its students. As mentors, they reflect on their own career, decisions and leadership experiences. They develop their personal advisory skills and learn exciting new perspectives through dialogue with the mentee. They expand their personal network and get to know current students at Frankfurt School.

The commitment as a mentor is voluntary.

Mentors accompany a mentee for a year and during this time they have about three to four in-person or virtual meetings.

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Strengthen mentoring competencies: Exclusive online programme

The Frankfurt School offers its mentors exclusive online seminars to develop personal and communication skills. Mentees benefit directly from mentors' newly gained experience and knowledge, which guarantees consistent quality.

The topics are, among others:

  • Mission, role, attitude (sharpening awareness of one's role)
  • Intention and effect (reflection and tools)
  • Conversation management (position and interests)

Added value for mentees

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science of the sixth semester or Management students can participate in the FS Mentoring Programme. As a mentee, you benefit from Frankfurt School's strong alumni network. Bachelor students are mentored for just under a year, Management students for about four months. Your mentor gives you valuable personal insights into their careers, experiences regarding career entry, possible career changes, stays abroad, etc. In this way, you will receive professional and personal suggestions for your career and life planning.

Application and selection procedure

The mentoring programme is aimed at students in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Management studies at Frankfurt School. Students are contacted automatically and can then indicate whether they would like to be accompanied by a mentor. Grades and certificates of achievement are not considered when matching tandems.

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In past years many inspiring tandems were matched. Get to know some of them.


During the mentoring, the project team is available to mentors and mentees for questions, difficulties or suggestions for how we can change, expand or improve the mentoring.

Students who are looking for a mentor, as well as graduates who want to become involved as mentors, are always welcome to contact the project team.