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5 different hands reaching for each other showing diversity and inclusion 5 different hands reaching for each other showing diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are a core part of Frankfurt School’s identity and key to our mission and strategic goals. We believe that learning and the development of ideas work best in diverse environments. The vibrancy and success of our School are intrinsically linked to creating a trusting and inclusive environment that embraces differences, and thus enables our community to achieve its full potential.

As thought-leaders in finance and management, we moreover foster competencies in diversity and inclusion that make a real impact on society. Through research and teaching, extracurricular activities and advisory mandates around the globe, we advance values of mutual respect, open-mindedness and tolerance – often in hard-to-reach places. We have enhanced communities in a diverse world and raised awareness of the benefits of collaboration with a variety of perspectives.

In this context, we are committed to offering everyone in our community a fair and equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, physical ability, age, sexual orientation or identity. All members of the Frankfurt School community are likewise encouraged to take active measures against discrimination in order to prevent all forms of prejudice and intolerance.

Charter of Diversity

Logo Charta der Vielfalt

As a signatory to the Charta der Vielfalt, Frankfurt School commits to embedding and cultivating diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and appreciation in our campus, business operations and corporate culture. We likewise recognise the intrinsic potential inherent in diversity and utilise it advantageously for our organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

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In 2021, Frankfurt School established a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. The main tasks of the Task Force are to promote and monitor the School’s activities related to diversity and inclusion.

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This includes establishing and reviewing performance indicators, reviewing and creating policies as well as proposing and implementing activities that encourage diversity or address shortcomings. The Task Force likewise collaborates with student initiatives to connect the ideas of students to the goals and activities of the Task Force. In addition, the Task Force may also be called upon to consider any diversity and inclusion issues that may arise at the School.