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Payment Options

Frankfurt School offers various options for the payment of tuition fees. In addition to the Standard Payment (= A) and the Payment in Instalments (= B), Frankfurt School also offers the Upfront Payment (=C) to its students.

Pre-experience master's programmes

PEM Financing Option table_EN_New

Post-experience master's programmes

MDAM + German post-experience Master's Financing Option table_english

EBI Financing Option table_English

KfW Student Loan

The KfW Student Loan supports students with at least 100 Euro and up to 650 Euro per month during your degree course. It requires no collateral and is independent of income or assets.

The KfW Student Loan is applicable for students enrolled at a state or state-recognised tertiary institution in Germany in the following categories:

  • German citizens
  • EU citizens who have been lawfully residing in Germany on a permanent basis for at least three years
  • So-called educational residents with a domestic primary residence who obtained a German Higher Education Entrance Qualification by graduating from a high school in Germany or a German school abroad.

The application requires a valid student matriculation certificate for the requested start of financing: the certificate must specify the (first) subject, semester and intended degree.

The term of the KfW Student Loan is divided into 3 periods (disbursement, grace and repayment period).