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Frankfurt School is further expanding its research and education on finance. Financial managers have vital influence on their companies’ values and their financial organisations: they advise business units and create structures for ensuring that complexity stays manageable, costs remain transparent, and corporate objectives can be achieved.

In education and and research – especially in the Center for Performance Management & Controlling – Frankfurt School addresses issues financial managers master. Today’s Finance departments must adapt to rapidly changing, often digital business models, presenting financial managers with a wide variety of new challenges. Alongside treasury and risk management, they must also be capable of implementing regulatory changes, designing flexible planning systems, ensuring compliance with international accounting standards, creating value by analysing big data, and managing often heterogeneous and fragmented IT environments.

Frankfurt School’s exclusive CFO Roundtable is a confidential forum in which CFOs can discuss pressing issues with the business school’s faculty members. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic introduced by one of Frankfurt School’s professors in a keynote speech. The evening finishes with a get-together, allowing participants to continue their talks and cultivate their contacts. Chatham House Rules apply, and attendance is strictly by invitation only.

Organisers and hosts

Professor Dr. Ronald Gleich
Ronald Gleich portrait

Ronald Gleich has been Professor of Management Practice & Control at Frankfurt School since August 2020. His research focuses on current, practically relevant issues associated with controlling, innovation management and performance measurement. He is the author of one of the leading German-language textbooks on financial controlling (Controlling, 14th edition, co-authored with P. Horváth/M. Seiter, published by Vahlen-Verlag).

He is co-editor of Controlling-Berater (published by Haufe-Verlag) and co-director of ICV-Ideenwerkstatt, the think tank of Internationaler Controllerverein eV (the International Financial Controllers’ Association). He advises and assists leading German companies – manufacturers in particular – with their financial controlling. He is also founder and, with Professor Matthias Mahlendorf, joint head of the Center for Performance Management & Controlling.

Angelika Werner
Angelika Werner sitting down

Angelika Werner has had close ties with Frankfurt School since 2001. She developed and managed the Corporate Communications, Alumni Relations and Fundraising teams, and has played a key role in numerous strategic projects, including the construction of the new campus. Since 2019, she has been the business school’s Vice President Strategic Relations in charge of corporate communications, fundraising, alumni management and career services.

She and her teams develop and run offerings and services creating added values for individuals and organisations from the business world, politics and society. Sharing knowledge and experience, recruitment and talent management, and the ongoing success.