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19.02.2024 12:00:00

The new publication “Comparative Competition Law” by FS-Professor Thomas Weck and Professor Masako Wakui is the first to offer a systematic and comprehensive comparison of competition regulation in the EU, the USA and Japan. It presents the regulatory framework and the special features of the respective decision-making practice. One focus is on how the legal systems discussed deal with the challenges of digital change. The book covers all important areas of competition law, such as cartels, abuse of dominant position, merger control, state measures (relationship of competition and regulation, subsidies), procedural law and new regulatory developments, especially with regard to digital and mobile ecosystems.

The book is written for legal practitioners, policy makers, competition and regulatory authorities, legal scholars, industrial economists, and students of business law interested in current developments and challenges in the field of competition law. Because of its clear and understandable language, clear structure, and references to the most relevant decisions it can be used both as a handbook and as a companion to law courses.

About the authors: Thomas Weck is Associate Professor of Public Law, Regulatory Law and Comparative Law at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Masako Wakui is a professor at the Graduate School of Law at Kyoto University and a visiting scholar at Newcastle University, UK.

The book was published in December 2023 by World Scientific Publishing, Singapore.