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FS Campus

Frankfurt am Main, 28.09.2020 12:00:00

On 28 September 2020, the Financial Times (FT) published its latest Master in Management ranking. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management's Master in Management ranks 34th, which means the business school has improved its 2019 position among the world's best universities by two places (2019: 36th place). In Europe, Frankfurt School is in 29th place this year.

In the category "Career Service", Frankfurt School's advisory services for students ranked third worldwide, its excellent position (2019: 3rd place). As in the previous year, Frankfurt School is in eleventh place worldwide in the category "salary earned". Frankfurt School has also improved significantly in the international-mobility category: for 2020, it places 60th worldwide (2019: 84th place).

"We are very pleased about our very good position in the current FT ranking," said Professor Nils Stieglitz, President of Frankfurt School. "Especially the top position in career services and salary earned underlines that our students have the best career opportunities after graduation. To this end, we support them from the semester onwards with targeted career advice, workshops and direct contact with companies, for example at career fairs and lectures".

The FT ranking is published annually and evaluates, among other things, career opportunities, diversity and the international orientation of research and teaching. The ranking, in which business schools from all over the world participate, is based in particular on information provided by graduates who completed a Master in Management three years ago. For the ranking, management master programmes from 90 universities worldwide – 73 of them in Europe – accredited by AACSB or EQUIS were analysed. Further information on the FT-Ranking can be found here.

The next info event on the Master in Management takes place on 6 October 2020. Further information can be found here.

Very good rankings

In May 2020, Frankfurt School's executive education programme ranked among the world's top 50 colleges and universities in the Financial Times' annual executive education Ranking. In June 2020, Frankfurt School achieved second place in Germany and 32nd place worldwide with its Master of Finance in the Financial Times ranking.

In addition to other very good positions in current rankings, such as the U-Multirank university ranking, the América Economía magazine ranking, the CHE university ranking, the Wirtschaftswoche university ranking and Manager Magazin, STERN magazine also named in August 2020 Frankfurt School Germany's best business school for professional education.