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FS Campus

Frankfurt am Main, 31.08.2020 12:00:00

Five Stars for FS Executive Education
Who is the best provider of Executive Education Programmes? This year, STERN magazine, in cooperation with the renowned market research institute Statista, conducted a large-scale study, of 7,600 executive education programme participants. The result: as in 2019, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management took first place in the "Business Schools" category. It received five out of five stars. Click here for the 2020 ranking.

The 2020 Executive Education Ranking
The participants in the study evaluated only those organisations with which they had had experience. Experiences both before and during the Corona crisis were included in the assessment. A total of three categories were evaluated; a maximum of 100 points could be achieved.

  • Quality of Learning: With 83 points, Frankfurt School received the highest rating for quality of learning. The evaluation focused on the relevance and design of learning material as well as the quality of service and support. Quality of learning played the strongest role in the overall evaluation accounting for 50 per cent of the total grade.
  • Value for money: Frankfurt School scored 75 points in this category. Price/performance ratio was included in the overall evaluation accounting for 25 per cent of the mark.
  • Satisfaction, recommendation: Frankfurt School achieved 86 points in this category; it accounted for the remaining 25 per cent.

"We focus on excellence in terms of content, learning formats and services in our executive education programmes. We are both happy and assured by the excellent feedback from participants and our back-to-back number-one ranking. They are an incentive to stay on top of the latest developments in the field" said Professor Nils Stieglitz, President of Frankfurt School.

Detailed information on the ranking can be found here and in the 27 August 2020 issue of STERN.