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Frankfurt am Main, 23.07.2019 12:00:00

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, MBA students of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s full-time and part-time MBA programmes invited their peers to an MBA Meetup at the Frankfurt School campus, followed by an evening about town. Over 130 MBA students from Mannheim Business School, WHU in Vallendar, ESMT from Berlin and HHL Leipzig joined the Frankfurt School students for an afternoon of networking. The idea behind the event, thought up in collaboration by current students of Frankfurt School and Mannheim Business School, is to expand the network of the MBAs of all schools participating, as the students leave the cocoon of their MBA programmes to go and hunt for jobs.

The participating MBA students

MBA programmes are still a relatively new phenomenon in Germany, when compared to the long history of the programmes in the US or Great Britain. This means there are not as many clubs or networks geared to this specific target group. Therefore, the students plan to establish the meeting as an annual networking event that will be hosted by a different university each year. “We are excited that Frankfurt School is able to be the first host to what will hopefully become an important event for all future MBA students in Germany. It is an incredible opportunity to meet our peers, compare experiences and be able to grow our networks.”  Ryan Saunders, current Full-Time MBA student of The Frankfurt School and one of the initiators of the network. “It is great to see that this event turned out so well after a few months of coordination between the schools. This is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people and extend everyone’s professional network beyond the borders of their own business school. A fruitful competition and exchange between the schools will strengthen the MBA education in Germany.” Moritz Kompenhans, Part Time MBA, Mannheim Business School