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FS Campus

Frankfurt am Main, 08.03.2018 12:00:00

“Disruption“ belongs to the most used expressions in connection to the rapidly progressing digitization. Applications such as Blockchain Technology, Big Data, and their growing influence on business processes, Artificial Intelligence and the need to continuously assess its potential and risks, are increasingly prevalent in everyday business life at a growing pace.

With the new Competence Center, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will prepare professionals and senior managers to shape digital transformation processes in their companies.

Among Frankfurt School´s offers are two new certificate programmes:

Certified Expert in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Certified Expert in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Through these programmes, Frankfurt School responds to the latest developments in digitization.

With the programme “Certified Expert in Artificial Intelligence for Business“ Frankfurt School offers decision makers, strategists and managers the instruments to keep pace with changes.

On the basis of the Business School´s current research, participants without IT-background gain the necessary knowledge, reaching from an overview on the state of affairs concerning Artificial Intelligence to possible business applications.

The programme “Certified Expert in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence“ addresses programmers, data scientists, business analysts and candidates with programming skills who want to learn about and use current developments in Artificial intelligence, especially in the field of deep learning.

With its certificate programmes:

“Certified Expert in Artificial Intelligence for Business“

“Certified Expert in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence“

as well as “Certified Blockchain Expert“ Frankfurt School stresses its mission to increasingly  incorporate change processes in the field of digitization into its programmes.