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Thematic Area:

Risk, Governance & Regulation


2018 - 2019


Shelter Afrique – Financing Affordable Housing for Africa



Country Coverage:           

Various African countries, headquartered in Kenya

Project Overview

The overall objective of this Project to support Shelter-Afrique in reviewing its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and policies. The specific aims include identifying the gaps, developing and adopting adequate tools for measuring and monitoring credit, market and operational risks within a defined ERM framework and in compliance with the Basel Accord recommendations and globally leading risk management standards.

The project strengthened Shelter Afrique’s risk management procedures. Frankfurt School developed best-practice risk management policies and integrated them into Shelter Afrique’s risk governance system.

Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Moreover, Frankfurt School experts have developed and implemented state-of-the-art risk management tools such as an operational risk event database, a housing finance rating methodology and a value-at-risk simulation tool to manage currency risk.

The improvements in Shelter Afrique’s risk management processes enhanced their ability to provide affordable and energy-efficient housing across the African continent, thus also supporting employment in the region.