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Climate Risk Insurance Programme



Natural disasters are a major impediment to development in many countries, undermining sustainable development and leading to loss of lives and livelihoods. The course will help to understand the spectrum of solutions offered by innovative climate and disaster risk insurance products as an essential element of a comprehensive risk management strategy. Participants will be introduced to the process of product development as well as tools and models relevant for climate and disaster risk analysis, insurance product design and pricing.

Topics Covered
  • Understanding the relevance of climate and disaster (C&D) risk insurance
  • Understanding the process of designing and developing C&D risk insurance products
  • Comprehensive analysis of climate and disasters risks based on quantification of expected damages and cost-benefit analysis of climate adaptation measures including C&D risk insurance
  • Introduction to risk pricing and placement processes for C&D risk transfer products

Learning Target

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the relevance of climate and disaster (C&D) risks in developing and emerging economies and the expected future impact on sustainable development
  • Learn about the spectrum of innovative C&D risk insurance schemes and lessons learned, their relevance and complementarity to other financial instruments to manage C&D risks
  • Familiarize with international initiatives and support programs to increase access to C&D risk insurance and overcome existing barriers of market development
  • Apply existing risk analysis tools and models to assess C&D risks to define comprehensive climate adaptation policies including C&D risk insurance
  • Explore the different elements of the development process for climate risk insurance products, covering relevant aspects for a comprehensive concept :
    • Risk analysis,
    • Demand analysis,
    • Data management,
    • Product design,
    • Distribution strategy,
    • Policy/ claims management
  • Understand the elements of the climate risk insurance pricing process and premium components  
The participants will apply the content of the course in case studies in order to become familiar with the relevant tools and models.

Target Audience

The training targets participants from the public and private sector responsible for climate and disaster risk management, including representatives (managers at mid-level and above) from public administration and agencies at national and sub-sovereign levels, regional and national development agencies/banks, financial intermediaries and insurance companies interested in the subject. Significant insurance expertise is not required.


Please have a look at the course website to find out more: Climate Risk Insurance Programme


3 Days

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