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Certified Expert in Islamic Microfinance



According to CGAP an overwhelming proportion of people without access to finance are from Muslim-majority countries, as formal financial markets often fail to provide access to credit or savings that are compliant with the Muslim faith. Islamic microfinance has the potential to fill that gap through the provision of Sharia-compliant microfinance products, already reaching millions with an estimated USD 1 billion global industry loan portfolio. Professionals in this field are motivated and at times challenged by the dual nature of the required skillset, combining proven microfinance practice with the principles of Islamic finance.

These wide-ranging technical competencies are addressed in this unique course which combines our renowned "Certified Expert in Microfinance" with key knowledge in Islamic finance to the standards set by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI).

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Learning Target

In this course you will learn the principles of Islamic finance and the major financing mechanisms and products within Islamic microfinance. The course will enable you to develop a thorough understanding of the risk landscape and risk mitigation strategies. Furthermore, regulatory, governance and Sharia compliance frameworks for Islamic microfinance will be discussed and analysed.

Having been co-developed by Frankfurt School and the Islamic Relief Academy, this course provides a rich learning experience based on the expertise from a top-ranked business school, combined with the expertise from a renowned provider of Islamic microfinance.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Understand the principles of Islamic finance and recognise the distinctness of some of the major financing mechanisms and products used in the Islamic microfinance sector
  2. Apply/Demonstrate the ability to carry out client appraisals
  3. Apply/Demonstrate the ability to analyse microfinancial performance information and employ the necessary tools
  4. Recognise the areas and issues critical for risk management
  5. Explain the key parameters for Regulatory, Governance and Sharia Compliance Frameworks for Islamic Microfinance

Target Audience

This course is targeted towards microfinance and development professionals who are working in areas such as microfinance, Islamic microfinance, and end-user finance, or towards participants who want to explore Islamic microfinance. This includes staff from the following organisations, at either the operational level or the management level:

  • Faith-based NGOs and non faith-based NGOs
  • Islamic microfinance institutions
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Retail banks interested in downscaling
  • Social/impact investors
  • Banking training institutes
Other interested parties are of course also welcome to register for the course, such as:
  • Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Central bankers
  • Staff members of apex institutions
  • Students (preferably with a banking/finance background)
Operational experience from the conventional microfinance sector or the Islamic finance sector is not necessary but is considered as an asset. 


The flexibility of our courses offers you the opportunity to follow your own schedule and to combine daily work with professional development. This high-quality course will immediately improve your daily job performance as well as the performance of your institution.
For more information, please visit the course website


6 Months

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