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Module 5 - Detection and Response - part two



  • The three pillars of cybersecurity: detection, prevention and response
  • Strategic threat intelligence
  • Technical preservation of evidence
    • Commissioning digital forensic experts
    • Technical data sources (host, network, devices, etc.)
    • Anti-forensics

  • Attacker attribution
  • Open source intelligence for investigators
    • Search engines
    • Social networks
    • Public databases
    • Sockpuppet accounts

  • Operational security for investigators (OPSEC)

  • Cybercrime information sharing

Learning Target

  • The learner can recognise the key traces left behind by instances of cybercrime and understands which relevant forensic and investigative tools need to be used in order to gather information about and analyse these instances.
  • The learner can apply their basic knowledge to a practical case.

Target Audience

The certificated course of study is ideal for individuals working in the following fields, who wish to become more professional in their investigation of cybercrime (economic cybercrime).

  • Fighting economic crime
  • Corporate security
  • IT security
  • Internal auditors
  • Internal investigators
  • Members of the police or armed forces



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