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Certified Expert in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Don’t just follow the trend, apply AI in practice

Target Audience

Programmers, Data Scientist, Business Analysts, people with experience in programming and/or data analysis aiming to understand in depth and learn in practice the current technologies in Artificial Intelligence (especially Deep Learning)

Learning Target

The recent wave of innovation in Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but there is a definite shortage of professionals capable of harnessing the power of the newest modeling techniques and bringing AI from the drawing board to real life practice.

This course is aiming to give practitioners a solid foundation in data modeling as well as an in depth understanding of recent AI methods and solutions (especially Deep Learning).

The course covers the theoretical foundations of statistical modeling, the detailed analysis of neural models and the associated machine learning procedures, and includes technical introduction and programming practice utilizing the general (Python) “Data Science Stack” (Numpy, SciPy, Pandas , Scikit-Learn), as well as TensorFlow for Deep Learning.

The course will be conducted by two trainers who will also be available as points of contact throughout the seminar time. In this way, we ensure a high level of mentoring and guidance for the participants. It is also worth highlighting that the two trainers come from different areas of expertise and bring with them differing perspectives.



The 10 days are divided into two blocks of 5 days which are divided by a weekend.

Interactive lecture, collaborative "lab work" in programming environment, graded assignments

The course entails interactive "lab" sessions where participants are implementing solutions (under guidance). Passing the automatically evaluated programming assignments is necessary precondition for certification.


10 Days

Customised Programmes

Everything we offer in our range of open seminars can be packaged and delivered as tailormade in-house training programmes for companies and organisations. We will be happy to advise you and create an individual offer on request.


Price advantage of 10% from the 2nd participant per company and seminar date.

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