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Audit Interviewing Techniques

Target Audience

Auditors who are not native speakers of English but need to conduct their audits in English.

Learning Target

You will enhance your understanding of why it is important for auditors to master the interviewing process. You will be introduced to a systematic approach for conducting interviews and methods for organising and planning interviews.The seminar will also provide tips on how to interview auditees effectively and opportunities to try out the interview techniques under discussion.


  • Basic and advanced interviewing skills
    • The different types of interviews
    • The structure of an interview
    • The types of questions (closed, open, mixed)
    • Case studies and simulation exercises
    • Filming participant simulations and feedback
    • Interview preparation

  • Basic and advanced negotiation skills
    • Dealing with auditee behaviour
    • Dealing with conflict situations
    • Giving presentations during kick-off and closing meetings
    • Dealing with auditee questions, criticism and feedback
    • Outcomes and action plans in interviews and closing meetings


Interactive lecture, discussion, individual and group exercises, case studies


2 Days

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Functional Questions

Organisational Questions