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Thesis Submission System (SuSy)


We have found that proposing, registering and submitting the thesis is an administratively intensive and often painful process.

It involves many parties, the administration or the student advisors, the professors and the students - and it requires a lot of communication, negotiation and organisation.

Most of the time, communication happens through emails and phone calls, and registration and submission take place in paper form. Especially considering the current situation, a digitial solution is critical.

Our Approach

Inspired by the needs of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, we created a submission system that would reflect existing workflows and allow users to complete the thesis process online.

The solution needed to consider how to:

  • Support all three user types – students, professors, and administrative staff – with the various tasks associated with the thesis process
  • Save time and reduce sources of error
  • Ensure enough flexibility that it could be adapted to unique workflows and processes at different institutions

We conducted extensive user research and applied the design thinking process to ensure we fully understood all aspects in the workflow. Through a combination of activity-centred design, user-centred design, and the application of human-computer interaction research, we created a system to model the process.

The result:

SuSy – your online Submission System. SuSy provides an intuitive solution in the university sector to manage the complete thesis process.
SuSy enables your administration to maximise benefits from digitalisation and minimise costs.

Our Value Proposition 


  • Find a thesis topic and supervisor faster
  • Get support and guidance throughout the process
  • Have an overview of important deadlines and requirements
  • Receive results and feedback from supervisors

Your supervisors 

  • Keep track of the status of all projects, deadlines and possible efforts
  • Find all necessary documents in one place
  • Can process requests in real time

Administrative staff

  • Maintains a completely digitized and clear process for managing final projects
  • Are always up to date on the current project status
  • Can edit and export results for archiving or accreditation purposes


More Info

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers SuSy to universities and education providers in an attractive ASP package.

Contact us and arrange a live presentation, we will be happy to advise you.