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08.05.2024 12:00:00

How can companies utilise the potential of artificial intelligence? How does it affect individual workplaces? How can managers take a credible and inspiring lead to implement it responsibly? And what is artificial intelligence? Under the motto "Bringing Reinvention to Life", Christina Raab, DACH CEO of Accenture, outlined the innovation potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Around 100 students, alumni, faculty members and friends of Frankfurt School attended the event at Frankfurt School.

Christina Raab began by addressing the many complex changes that companies currently have to deal with: geopolitical tensions and wars, demographic change, developments on the financial markets, sustainability requirements and technological progress. She is convinced that generative artificial intelligence plays a central role and "will have an impact on every industry and every function in a company and fundamentally change the way people work”. That is why it is essential for managers to understand how AI works so that they can utilise its potential, train and enable employees. Christina Raab called for value-based, authentic leadership. This is a precondition for companies to be able to embrace the holistic transformation and lasting change that comes with AI.

AI increases efficiency, develops new business models and can design — Christina Raab gave examples of the many opportunities that AI offers. However, she particularly pleaded in favour of using AI responsibly and paying attention to data protection, compliance, cyber security, fairness and transparency.

Christina Raab concluded her presentation with a positive outlook. She believes that Germany is well positioned in international competition when it comes to IT/digitalisation/AI. She referred to the many excellent universities and research institutions, significant investments in technology and the AI start-up scene in Germany.

Be a learner!

The audience was enthusiastic and interested about Christina Raab's presentation. When asked what skills young talents need to have to stay up to date, she replied: "Be a learner". Lifelong learning and the will to keep pace with technological developments are crucial in these times.

Christina Raab is Market Unit Lead at Accenture for Austria, Switzerland and Germany and a member of Accenture's Global Management Committee. Her CEO talk took place as part of the "FS Women’s Society" talk series on 24 April in Frankfurt School's Audimax in front of students, alumni, staff and friends of Frankfurt School. Faculty members such as Prof Dr Jan Nagler, Associate Professor of Computer Science, and Prof Dr Lucas Böttcher, Assistant Professor of Computational Science, also attended and enriched the discussion. Angelika Werner, Vice President Strategic Relations at Frankfurt School, moderated the event.