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Header Community Life Fair

Frankfurt am Main, 06.09.2023 12:00:00

At the Community Life Fair on 5 September, students had the opportunity to get to know the diverse student initiatives at Frankfurt School.

The wide range offered something for everyone: a total of 47 initiatives and several FS organisations, such as the Student Council, FS Ambassadors, Newcomers Network, Toastmasters and the Frankfurt School Alumni e.V. set up their booths in the foyer of campus Frankfurt. Interested students, whether first-year students or those from higher semesters, had the chance to find out more about the intiatives and sign up.

The fair takes place at the beginning of every semester and facilitates exchange between initiatives and students while simultaneously highlighting the significance and benefits of student engagement. The FS initiatives give students the opportunity to implement their own projects within a protected framework and to learn valuable skills that they will use in their later professional life. Furthermore, initaitves are a great opportunity to get involved in the Frankfurt School student community, meet fellow students from all degree programmes, and actively engage as a member or leader.