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Frankfurt am Main, 04.09.2023 12:00:00

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is establishing a new brand with the “Ausbildungsakademie”, the Training Academy division. It is aimed at trainees, career changers, trainers and companies of all sizes and covers the entire vocational training process. In terms of content, the focus is on commercial vocational training.

In a changing world, it is crucial to support companies and employees and to actively accompany developments in the labour market. This is why Frankfurt School promotes education at all levels: from vocational training and university studies to lifelong learning with Executive Education.

To give vocational training a more prominent platform and visibility, Frankfurt School rebranded its “Azubimanagement” division to “Ausbildungsakademie” ( Along with this, the division’s expertise that was previously primarily available to large companies will now be made more accessible to companies of all sizes offering vocational training for commercial professions. The “Ausbildungsakademie” sees itself as a partner along the entire value chain, from recruitment to the handling of certificates. In addition to the creation of teaching formats, this also includes administrative support, counselling and technical solutions. Customised concepts, from individual modules to complete packages, enable the flexible design of training content and individual adaptation to the companies providing vocational training.

“As a vocational training provider, we have the opportunity to give young people a good start to their careers by supporting the companies that train them with future-proof and sustainable solutions. This important work starts at the basis of a career. Frankfurt School's “Ausbildungsakademie” is based on 20 years of experience in vocational training. Its programmes enable career starters to develop their potential and pave the way for professional success. The target groups are not only young trainees, but also all career changers and all those responsible for vocational training in companies,” says Professor Nils Stieglitz, President and CEO of Frankfurt School. “The Academy’s new brand identity creates a prominent platform within Frankfurt School for the topic of vocational training, which we want to explicitly promote.”

Evi Zielinski, Director of the “Ausbildungsakademie”, adds: “We are currently experiencing fundamental changes on the labour market. Looking at the shortage of skilled labour, it is crucial to make vocational training more attractive again. Our aim is to provide trainees and companies with training that is both sound and inspiring.”

Due to increasing globalisation and digitalisation in the education sector, particular attention is paid to optimising digital learning. The teaching solutions consist of interactive learning platforms, multimedia approaches and a methodical-didactic mix of self-study units and guided learning. Trainees are optimally prepared for examinations through the provision of theoretical knowledge and for practical work in the company through learning practical skills. Companies can already be supported in the recruitment process in order to increase their attractiveness as an employer.

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