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Frankfurt am Main, 16.05.2022 12:00:00

The Times Higher Education (THE) Digital Leaders in Higher Education Ranking 2022 was published on 10 May. It lists the 200 top universities worldwide that best prepare their students for the demands and challenges of the digital world of work. Frankfurt School is ranked 12th, making it one of the top 15 universities worldwide alongside renowned universities such as Columbia University or the University of Oxford, and is ranked first among a total of 17 German universities and in the whole of continental Europe.

The THE Digital Leaders in Higher Education ranking results from five different category rankings. Therefore, the French consultancy Emerging reviewed 75,000 CVs from executives working at the world's leading digital companies, according to Crunchbase. In addition, the market research institute Trendence surveyed 3,500 digital professionals, corporate IT executives, start-up executives, and young digital professionals.

In the category rankings, Frankfurt School achieved the following results:  

  • Best Business Schools for Digital Transformation: #12 worldwide, #1 in Germany
  • Best Data Science Degree: #40 worldwide, #4 in Germany
  • Best Computer Science Degree: #41 worldwide, #7 in Germany
  • Best Online Degrees: #39 worldwide, #8 in Germany
  • Best Digital Entrepreneurship Programmes: #15 worldwide, #10 in Germany

“Digitalisation is one of the major transformation topics of our time. Frankfurt School's top position in THE Digital Leader in Higher Education Ranking shows that our strategy to position ourselves is working. Whether Blockchain, AI or big data – as a business school, we give managers the tools they need to harness digital growth potential,” says Frankfurt School President Professor Nils Stieglitz.

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