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Entrepreneurship Centre

Frankfurt am Main, 10.05.2022 12:00:00

  • Incubator and accelerator programmes for students and external stakeholders across all sectors
  • Access to partners, mentors and investors
  • The Centre's intention is to foster the growth of entrepreneurial ventures and the start-up community in Frankfurt

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FS) opens its new Entrepreneurship Centre. At yesterday’s launch event, the business school welcomed several hundred participants from the German start-up scene as well as venture capital investors. Menny Barzilay, former Chief Information Security Officer of the Israeli army and successful founder, provided exciting food for thought with his keynote “The Art of Failure”.

The Entrepreneurship Centre connects founders at Frankfurt School with relevant partners and offers incubator and accelerator programmes to support them in every phase of their start-up. In addition to access to an exclusive network, particular attention is paid to the development of agile structures to ensure the future competitiveness of the companies. At its launch, the Centre already has several start-ups from a wide range of industries in its portfolio.

Ram Shoham, Director of the Frankfurt School Entrepreneurship Centre: “Our mission is to inspire, connect and provide training within Frankfurt School as well as to external stakeholders such as investors, alumni, founders and partners. With the FS Incubator, we offer students and alumni long-term support from our team and mentors. The FS Accelerator, on the other hand, is a six to eight-week full-time programme that supports our founders in advancing to the next level. This means that several months' work can be implemented in a very short space of time. Through this hands-on approach, we aim to move our start-ups forward quickly while ensuring their sustainable development.”

Professor Nils Stieglitz, President of Frankfurt School, adds: “As a Business School we are here to educate tomorrow’s impactful leaders. With the new Entrepreneurship Centre we expand that vision to the start-up community in Frankfurt and beyond. The Centre will create training and mentoring opportunities for our students and future founders who believe that tomorrow can be better than today.”

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