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Frankfurt am Main, 27.07.2022 12:00:00

Frankfurt School’s Board of Trustees has reappointed Professor Nils Stieglitz as President for another five years. His second term will begin on 1 April 2023. Rainer Neske, Chair of the Board of Trustees spoke to the reappointment: "Nils Stieglitz has decisively advanced Frankfurt School's development into an internationally recognised, research-strong business school while simultaneously strengthening its financial capacity. The Board of Trustees thanks him for a successful first term and we look forward to continuing this journey with him.”

Excellent rankings

In recent years, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has been able to improve its position in leading German and international rankings: from 36th (2018) to 24th place (2021) in the Financial Times European Business School Ranking, and from ninth (2018) to fourth place (2022) in the Wirtschaftswoche ranking of all German universities offering Business Administration programmes. From 2020 to 2022, Frankfurt School has come first in the Manager Magazin ranking of Germany’s best universities for accountants and auditors.

New programmes and influential research

Since 2018, Frankfurt School has launched several new degree programmes and elective modules (for example Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics, Master in Applied Data Science, Master in Data Analytics & Management, Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring, Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets). Additionally, new focal points in continuing and executive education programmes address crucial transformation topics. (for example Digital Business, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups, Resilience Management).

Frankfurt School also set up three new research centres: the Corporate Governance Institute, the Centre for Performance Management & Controlling, and the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation. Faculty members and corporate partners drive the centres’ teaching, research, and various projects. Addressing subject areas ranging from IT and data science to strategy and organisational behaviour.

The faculty now has a total of 71 members (2018: 55). Their research strength is reflected in publications; In 2021, for example, 28 Frankfurt School publications appeared in one of the 50 academic journals listed by the Financial Times (2018: 14 publications). In 2021, 25 publications by Frankfurt School researchers appeared in the 24 academic journals the University of Texas in Dallas analyses for its research ranking (2018: 11). Between 2019 and 2021, research funding from German federal ministries and the State of Hesse rose by 70 percent to EUR 3.58 million (2019: EUR 2.1 million); projects explore topics such as digitalisation, sustainable finance, and the rise of China.

Frankfurt School continues to flourish

With the dedication from all business units Frankfurt School increased its revenue from EUR 75.9 million in 2018 to EUR 87 million last year.

At the same time, 1,207 first-year students joined the Bachelor, Master and MBA degree programmes (2018: 885), whereas part-time professional programmes (the banking specialist programme “Bankfachwirt”, business administration, and the management programme) enrolled 1,445 new students (2018: 1,298).

The Executive Education portfolio expanded to include, for example, Quantum Machine Learning for Business programmes leading to a rise in corporate bookings, as well as individual enrolments,

International Advisory Services (IAS) added new ESG-related offerings to its portfolio to focus on strengthening women entrepreneurs and the integration of sustainability themes into corporate strategies. IAS’ Sustainable World Academy now runs 31 online programmes disseminating the necessary skills and know-how required to develop sustainable business practices. Since 2018, IAS also manages the InsuResilience Solutions Fund investing in sustainable climate insurance products in developing and emerging countries.

Frankfurt School’s “Ausbildungsakademie”, an educational and advisory partner to companies, covers all aspects of vocational training. Since 2018, the department has bundled its portfolio into an online portal including attractive apps. A well-balanced combination of online and in-person learning formats offer participants the greatest possible flexibility and guarantee personal networking opportunities.

Rainer Neske states: “Professor Nils Stieglitz and his team have strengthened Frankfurt School’s profile as a trustworthy partner to companies. As climate change, digitalisation and AI, continue to cause major upheaval for the economy and our society we need wise, hardworking, dynamic personalities capable of developing and implementing effective solutions. You’ll find them at Frankfurt School.” He went on to say that inflation, as well as geopolitical and pandemic-related uncertainties, also pose huge challenges to education, research and academia all over the world, adding that: “With Professor Stieglitz at the helm, Frankfurt School has managed exceptionally well with the recent disruptions. As such, our business school is firmly positioned for the future and the Board of Trustees is grateful to him.

Professor Nils Stieglitz reflects: “The past five years have been extremely successful. Our business model has proven itself time and time again. We are combining research excellence with impactful finance and management education to become Europe’s leading business school. We are in a unique position to do so thanks to our strong faculty with close links to the corporate world, our innovative Degree and Executive Education programmes, the many advisory projects contributing to stable economic development, and a talented and dedicated staff.”

Professor Stieglitz thanks the Board of Trustees for their confidence and support and all his colleagues for their collaboration and commitment. “We will be guided by our values to strengthen Frankfurt School, grow our community, and realise our vision.”