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Frankfurt am Main, 20.09.2021 12:00:00

The Federal Association of Loan Purchase and Servicing (Bundesvereinigung Kreditankauf und Servicing e.V. – BKS) and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management have agreed to collaborate on Frankfurt School’s Certified Expert in NPL Management & Investment certification programme, starting in August 2021. Held in English, the online course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to manage loan defaults, restructure portfolios of non-performing loans and transfer them to the secondary market. Frankfurt School’s joint venture with BKS will bridge the gap between theory and practice while simultaneously building a valuable network for all those taking part in the course.

The next course is due to start on 1 March 2022; the deadline for registering is 31 March 2022. Anyone who registers prior to 15 January 2022 is entitled to a EUR 200 early-bird discount. Further details are available here.

“Our vision for this course is to equip a new cohort of restructuring professionals with the skills required to become proficient at assessing distressed portfolios and developing appropriate restructuring solutions that take account of borrowers’ circumstances, the business impact of debt distress, and the contextual relevance of bankruptcy legislation, regulatory provisions and banking supervision. Everybody working in this field needs to unite financial acumen with responsible business practice,” explains Dr Alexander Lehmann, who will be teaching on the Certified Expert in NPL Management & Investment certification programme.

“We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience. As a think tank for the finance industry, we believe it’s especially important to promote study programmes that are relevant to the NPL industry, and to assist with content development,” adds Jürgen Sonder, President of BKS.

About BKS

The Federal Association of Loan Purchase and Servicing (Bundesvereinigung Kreditankauf und Servicing – BKS) is the leading German association specialising in the secondary market for non-performing loans (NPL). Based in Berlin, the association represents the interests of its members in Germany, who work in the national and international loan portfolio transaction business. BKS is listed in the “Public List on the Registration of Associations and their Representatives” held by the President of the Bundestag. For further details, visit: