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FS Campus

Frankfurt am Main, 04.08.2021 12:00:00

Since March 2020, slumping sales have placed huge pressures on companies in all market sectors, causing many of them to doubt whether they would survive. Some of them are still struggling now. Financial controllers were forced to take swift action and establish new roadmaps for the future, raising some serious questions: How best to prepare companies for future crises? To what extent can smart, sustainable cost management systems contribute to corporate resilience? How are European companies actually set up to deal with cost pressures during times of crisis? And what should they be doing to succeed? Professor Dr Ronald Gleich, Professor of Management Practice & Control at Frankfurt School and Head of the business school’s Centre for Performance Management & Controlling (CPMC), and Dr Sebastian Möbus, CPMC’s Chief Operating Officer, have now addressed these questions in a joint study carried out with other European partners. The study’s key finding: simplistic, undifferentiated cost-cutting is not enough. What is needed instead is a fine-tuned system with clearly defined objectives, effective instruments and optimised organisational components.

On Tuesday, 10 August 2021, Professor Ronald Gleich and Dr Sebastian Möbus will present their study to journalists and discuss their findings. We cordially invite you to the roundtable event:

       Smart cost management in times of crisis: how successful companies operate
  Reporters’ roundtable at Frankfurt School with Professor Ronald Gleich and Dr Sebastian Möbus
                                                       Tuesday 10 August 2021 at 11:30 CEST

The reporters’ roundtable will be held as a virtual event. Please register by contacting Carolin Schwalme (; +49 69 154 008-818; +49 159 0457-9780), who will send you a link for accessing the event. If you’re unable to make 10 August, she would be happy to arrange alternative appointments for you with Professor Gleich and Dr Möbus.

About the Centre for Performance Management & Controlling

Frankfurt School set up the new Centre for Performance Management & Controlling (CPMC) in autumn 2020. Professor Ronald Gleich is CPMC’s Research Director, Dr Sebastian Möbus is Chief Operating Officer. Together with partners such as Henkell-Freixenet, Hays, the German Aerospace Centre and Valsight, CPMC carries out studies on the latest financial controlling and performance management issues, organises events, encourages dialogue and thus helps to strengthen the international network of controllers.

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