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Frankfurt am Main, 11.08.2021 12:00:00

Inflation rates are going up. In July, the rate of inflation in the eurozone reached its highest level since 2018, at 2.2 percent. In Germany, it recently jumped to 3.8 percent, while in June, the U.S. rate of inflation climbed as high as 5.4 percent. The main drivers of this inflationary surge are oil and gas prices, accompanied by other “special factors”; consequently, the European Central Bank and U.S. Federal Reserve continue to maintain their expansionary monetary policy. What are the arguments in favour of this approach, and what arguments suggest that it could be misguided – that the prolonged era of low inflation rates, which has lasted for well over a decade, could now be coming to an end? And what are the medium-term implications for monetary policy?

Frankfurt School’s Professor Benjamin Born, Professor of Macroeconomics, and Professor Adalbert Winkler, Professor of International and Development Finance, will be discussing these and other inflation-related questions at our next Reporters’ Roundtable on Wednesday 18 August. We cordially invite all interested members of the press to attend, and will send you an access link as soon as you register for the event.

                                                Is this inflation’s next big moment?
Reporters’ roundtable at Frankfurt School with Professors Benjamin Born and Adalbert Winkler
                                           Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 11:30 CEST

Please register by contacting Carolin Schwalme (; +49 69 154008-818; +49 159 0457 9780).