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Frankfurt am Main, 07.04.2021 12:00:00

Vaccines, rapid virus tests, social distancing rules, lockdowns: new measures for protecting us from COVID-19 are being discussed on a daily basis. But the concrete benefits of these measures – including any economic benefits – are rarely if ever touched upon. New virus mutations are testing the limits of existing measures and increasing the pressure on politicians. Now the EU has drawn heavy criticism for its reluctance to secure a supply of vaccines, prior to approval of the first COVID-19 vaccine in 2020. Whether approved vaccines will also be effective against new variants is still unclear. Was the EU’s vaccine-ordering policy too slow? What is the value of a vaccine; what value does a vaccine deliver? How can we compare the relative effectiveness of vaccines, rapid virus tests and lockdowns as a fight against the COVID-19 pandemic? How much is being spent to save one year of life?

In his research, medical doctor, health economist and philosopher Professor Afschin Gandjour quantifies the costs and health benefits of anti-coronavirus measures. Using cost-benefit analyses, he compares pandemic-related costs with the effectiveness of vaccines and rapid virus tests, as measured in terms of the number of years of life gained as a result of COVID-19 vaccination and rapid testing. This is how he determines the value of current coronavirus policies. He also reviews the number of self-tests required to prevent deaths, and draws conclusions on the benefits of each initiative.

We warmly invite interested journalists to attend a journalists’ roundtable at which Professor Gandjour, Professor of Health Management at Frankfurt School, will analyse the coronavirus safety measures currently in force. As soon as you register for the event, we will send you the link for accessing the virtual roundtable.

  Coronavirus pandemic: Testing, vaccination, lockdown: costs, prices, benefits and risks

                               Journalists’ roundtable at Frankfurt School with

                                    Professor Afschin Gandjour (MD, PhD)

                                      Wednesday, 14 April 2021, 11:30 a.m.

Please register by contacting Carolin Schwalme (; +49 (0)69 154 008 818).

Professor Gandjour is also available for interviews and briefings (in German or English), during which he will weigh up the different COVID-19 safety measures and their effectiveness in combating the coronavirus pandemic. If you would like to know more, please contact Carolin Schwalme, who will be happy to make appointments. E; T +49 (0)69 154 008 818 or M +49 (0)159 04579780.