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Frankfurt am Main, 30.11.2020 12:00:00

The CHE Ranking (Centre for Higher Education Development) for the Master programmes in Economics in German-speaking countries was published today. In a student survey, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management scored top marks for its Master programmes in seven of eight categories: "General study situation", "Course offerings", "Study organisation", “Support”, "Support during studies", "Stays abroad" and "Transition between Bachelor and Master programmes". The ranking is based on a survey of Master’s students' satisfaction with various aspects of the eight categories. In the detailed evaluation, Frankfurt School achieved top marks for, among other things, "International orientation of the courses offered" (grade 1.2), "Access to courses" (grade 1.1) and "Adequate number of participants in courses" (grade 1.2).

The Master of Business Administration programmes also achieved a top rating in the category "degrees within a reasonable time" rated by faculty and staff. The Master in Applied Data Science, which is evaluated separately, was in the top group for "International orientation" rated by faculty and staff.

"The CHE ranking is particularly important for prospective students who consider taking up a master programme after their bachelor programme,” said Professor Nils Stieglitz, President of Frankfurt School. “We offer our students personal guidance and support during their master studies at Frankfurt School. The result reflects how happy our student are with what we offer. It makes us very proud and is a success for all employees who contribute to our first-class teaching and advice.”

About the CHE ranking

The CHE university ranking is considered the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world. Every year a third of the subjects are reassessed. In 2020, this included subjects such as business administration, economics, business informatics and law. Over 300 universities and colleges take part in the ranking. In addition to information about studies, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking also takes student evaluations into account regarding study conditions and facts about teaching and research. The full rankings are available on ZEIT ONLINE.

Top positions in rankings

The Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking of November 2020 rated Frankfurt School as the best German business school. In October 2020, the Financial Times Ranking for Executive MBA was published, in which the Frankfurt School is ranked 76th. In June 2020, Frankfurt School's EMBA made it into the top 50 worldwide in The Economist ranking, which is published every two years. In the same month, Frankfurt School achieved second place in Germany and 32nd place worldwide with its Master of Finance in the Financial Times ranking. In September 2020, Frankfurt School achieved 34th place with its Master in Management in the Financial Times ranking worldwide and 29th place in Europe.

In addition to other high positions in current rankings, such as the U-Multirank university ranking, the América Economía magazine ranking, the CHE university ranking, the Wirtschaftswoche and Manager Magazin university ranking, STERN magazine also named the Frankfurt School Germany's best business school for further education in August 2020.