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Fs Campus

Frankfurt, 23.04.2020 12:00:00

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has scored another top position in Wirtschaftswoche’s annual university ranking. It ranks as the fifth-best university for business administration, four places higher than in 2019. This makes it the best private business university in Germany.

"This ranking shows, once again, that the Frankfurt School stands for Impact, Science and Excellence. Thanks to our practical, scientifically sound, modern education, our graduates are in demand in the job market. ”, said Professor Nils Stieglitz, President of the Frankfurt School. He further explained: "The personal support of the students is also crucial for their careers and thus for this first-class ranking: From day one, our programme directors, study advisors, faculty and career services all support our students in their personal development. They have all contributed to this outstanding success!"

The Wirtschaftswoche ranking is already the second top position for Frankfurt School this year: In March, Manager-Magazin recognised it as the best university for auditors. Auditing companies and clients were interviewed. FS President Professor Nils Stieglitz is happy about these great successes: “Both rankings show that we are one of the leading universities in Germany. We are becoming more and more attractive in a competitive environment. Renowned companies prefer to hire our graduates. We are all very proud of them and their careers at Frankfurt School!”

Background ranking of Wirtschaftswoche

Wirtschaftswoche hired the employer branding consultancy Universum to survey HR managers from all over Germany. They were asked from which universities they particularly like to hire graduates.