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Thematic Area:

Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance


2011 - ongoing


German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety  (BMU)



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

The report on Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment (formerly Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment) grew out of efforts to track and publish comprehensive information about international investments in renewable energy. The latest edition of this authoritative annual publication covers the most recent developments, signs and signals in the financing landscape of renewable power and fuels. It explores issues affecting each type of investment, technology and type of economy.

The Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance (FS-UNEP Centre) catalyses applied research work carried out by Frankfurt School Faculty and other co-operating researchers. This is achieved by a small core team of researchers that work closely with the project activities of the FS-UNEP Centre. In the framework of its research activities, the FS-UNEP Centre publishes the yearly Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment Report in cooperation with Bloomberg and the UN Environment Programme. The report analyses the latest trends in renewable energy for the investment categories of government/corporates, venture capital, private equity, public equity markets, mergers & acquisitions and debt markets. The report was first published by the FS-UNEP Centre in 2011 and was previously produced (starting in 2007) under UNEP’s Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative.

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