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Thematic Area:

Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance


2019 – ongoing


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


Turkey, Caucasus & Central Asia

Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

The GEFF Tajikistan aims to scale up green financing and support Tajikistan in its transition to a green economy. The facility will provide financing of up to USD 25 million for on-lending to eligible sub-projects via Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs). A range of climate mitigation and adaptation solutions with strong commercial and replication potential across Tajikistan’s key sectors should be demonstrated, including agricultural- and semi-agricultural, commercial and residential sectors. In addition, under the GEFF Tajikistan gender component, Frankfurt School should design, implement, manage and lead the gender mainstreaming activities outlined in the Gender Action Plan.

Geff ebrd

1. Marketing activities to promote the GEFF Facility and raise awareness of the benefits of green technologies by organising technology workshops, regional seminars and other promotional events. FS also supports the strategic implementation of the PFIs’ marketing strategies;

2. PFI Capacity Building to support the PFIs in green lending, including aspects such as product development, policies and procedures, HR development and training, etc.;

3. Engineering consulting considers the sub-project assessment, population of the technology sector, technology vendor management; and,

4. Agri-advisory to support Tajikistan’s agricultural value chain development through demonstration plots and advisory to farmers and agri-enterprises to scale their adoption of green technologies.