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Thematic Area:

Framework Contracts


2019 - 2021


European Commission



Country Coverage:           

EU Member States

Project Overview

The European Union (EU) has identified the implementation of structural reforms as a policy priority to set recovery on a sustainable path, unlock growth potential, raise living standards and support the process of convergence in the EU.

Framework contractors provide services to the Commission to support the design and implementation of institutional, administrative and growth-sustaining structural reforms in EU Member States. Frankfurt School is part of a Consortium with eight renowned international partners that serves as one of the EU contractors.

Frankfurt School provides the following types of services: 

  • Support in the development and/or revision of strategies for public policy reform in accordance with EU legislation and/or international best practices;
  • Assist the assessment of service provision and/or provide reorganisation proposals with the aim of improving the quality of the public policy; and,
  • Aid the implementation of reform projects and/or institutional reorganisation.

In terms of sectoral areas, Frankfurt School works in Governance and Public Administration, Revenue Administration and Public Financial Management, Growth and Business Environment, Labour Market, Education, Health and Social Services as well as Financial Sector & Access to Finance.