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Campus project

  • 18,550 sqm plot area
  • 37,880 sqm gross floor area (31.290 sqm above ground, 6.590 sqm underground)
  • 6,400 sqm flooring
  • 180,470 sqm total interior space
  • 152 m long, 56 m wide on the west side with the Audimax, 36 m wide on the east side
  • 36.60 m high
  • Preserved plants & new plants
  • Fountains & seating
  • Historical gas station (E-Tankstelle)

Virtual Reality App

Please note: App only available in German app stores. 

  • "Frankfurt School in 3D" für Android-Devices im Playstore.
  • "FS in 3D" für iPhones im App Store.

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  • aus dieser App die VR-App starten 

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Ein zukunftsfähiger Campus soll an der Adickesallee entstehen.

Neuer Campus

Ein zukunftsfähiger Campus soll an der Adickesallee entstehen.

Design concept by Henning Larsen Architects

The architectural design of the new campus aims to create a meaningful public space that connects Frankfurt School with its surroundings. The design takes the former Regional Tax Office (OFD) building as its starting point, echoing the latter’s overall size, appearance, materials and geometry. In keeping with the site’s heritage, the front of the new building is set off by large, tranquil, open lawns, offering an unimpeded view of the management building. The campus is easily accessible from all sides, and closely integrated with the surrounding area. It is divided up into a series of slightly offset towers, arranged in such a way that sightlines are left open on all sides.

The height of the towers has been kept in line with the former Regional Tax Office building, creating a canyon-like space through which runs the “Zeil of Knowledge”, named after Frankfurt’s busiest shopping street. This acts as the central meeting place and focal point for the entire campus: the social hub of the complex. All major facilities – the main auditorium (Audimax), Learning Centre, restaurant, deli, Student & Alumni Relations department, breakout and seminar rooms – are linked to the Zeil, which is a large, open, inviting space resembling a promenade or mall. The Zeil connects all floors and facilities with the main entrance.

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The restaurant (Mensa) is on the ground floor and opens onto the Zeil on one side, and onto the café/delicatessen (the deli) on the other. In turn, the deli opens onto a large, outdoor terrace extending between the main building and the management building. The restaurant also features an exclusive executive area.

Seminar rooms and classrooms are located on the ground, first and second floors. They all face outwards, whereas breakout rooms and common areas face inwards, onto the Zeil of Knowledge. Large and small rooms fulfilling different functions are deliberately interspersed with each other, ensuring an even mix of activities throughout the building. The two sidewalls of the canyon are linked by several bridges, which add energy and movement to the space as a whole.

Construction Progress


October - Opening ceremony
September - Begining of study


June - Roofing Celebration


January - completed demolition
February - Presidial construction is procured
June - Groundbreaking

May - Start gutting and facade demolition
September - Student residences are ready for occupancy
November - Demolition begins

March - Architect's drafts are issued
May - Architectural competition winner decided

October - Frankfurt School buys the property