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Our clients – our results

Frankfurt School is a training partner to clients in business, management and industry, assisting them at every stage in the training process – from initial needs assessment through to final certification. By staying rigorously focused on each client’s specific needs and objectives, we systematically develop employees’ skills, self-confidence and motivation as they progress from one stage to the next.

FS educational partners from A - Z: An all-in-one partnership

Frankfurt School has been an all-in-one partner to a customer for many years. The common path began with qualifications for customer advisors in the financing and investment sector. Beyond this area, Frankfurt School experts have over time acquired a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the company and its employees.

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At the pulse of the time: Digitalisation up close and personal

The term digitalisation is now so widely used that it is on the point of becoming meaningless. While this scarcely matters in private conversations, it is critical when digitalisation becomes a key parameter for specific performance requirements. This short “workshop report” from a newly launched in-house project provides an example of how we work co-creatively with our clients to specify programme requirements and components step by step, and then fine-tune the design of the various modules that comprise an effective digitalisation programme.

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Complex large-scale projects: New advanced training for an entire bank - incl. blended learning

A leading retail bank commissioned Frankfurt School to launch a training programme for a large number of its independent mortgage brokers. A team of experts exclusively developed a concept that was challenging in terms of professionalism, individual support and didactic preparation.

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Customised General Management: BWL for non-merchants

A globally positioned manufacturer of electric motors with more than 10,000 employees and several dozen production sites is planning a practical, compact but comprehensive business training course for specialists and managers, with the aim of maintaining and building on its position in the market as a successful, profitable company. The range of participants is broad, heterogeneous and international; they work at different sites on different parts of the value chain. They include a range of experts with management responsibilities or duties within the company who have very different backgrounds in the sciences, technology and engineering.

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Leadership development: International Talent Development Programme

A highly successful, innovative family business in an extremely competitive industry, with several dozen subsidiaries on all continents, wishes to prepare in-house talents from over 60 countries for future challenges and management responsibilities within the Group.

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Tailor-made top management programme Coaching For Board Members

From hidden champions to global corporations: Management boards are well trained, strongly challenged and optimally networked. But how do they acquire the necessary industry knowledge and personality to steer a company and control its fortunes?

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Innovation and Change Management: Example from the automotive supplier industry

Our customer, the European part of a global OEM supplier, wants to develop a circle of selected executives into internal innovation drivers. For this purpose, a programme will be set up that on the one hand strengthens the personal prerequisites for coping with these challenges and on the other hand imparts initial concrete innovation experiences during the course and offers participants both learning opportunities and platforms to recommend themselves to senior management for further management tasks. With the development of leadership and team competencies, the program objective ties in with an established competency model in the company and also emphasizes the need for participants to become effective as intrapreneurs and to overcome outdated structures and processes.

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