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Certified M&A Associate

Online training: Mergers and Acquisitions

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Self-paced, fully digital training: EUR 1,480
M&A Associate training: Study start is possible at any time.*



The M&A Associate Programme is based on the online training M&A2go. M&A2go has been developed together with M&A responsibles from Bertelsmann, Brose, QIAGEN, TÜV Rheinland, Vossloh and Werhahn.

  • 7 senior experts with a combined experience of more than 500 M&A transactions present condensed know-how
  • 8 interactive workouts enable the learner to implement attained knowledge in daily business
  • 8 case studies containing best practices from real-life transactions presented by one of the senior experts


Participants will:

  • Gain practical know-how on a broad range of M&A topics
  • Acquire proven M&A expertise
  • Receive one-to-one feedback through an optional self-check
  • Experience a self-paced training program

Programme Overview

The online training consists of three modules. While going through the three modules, the learner collects know-how nuggets that can be downloaded at the end of each module.

For more information watch our videos above.


Module 1 presents major factors that set the framework for M&A. After providing an overview of major strategic rationales for M&A and an approach for systematic target identification Module 1 describes two distinctive approaches for M&A origination.  The module also provides an overview of major M&A phases and core M&A tasks. Further, Module 1 shows how teams of experts are working together, and why confidentiality is mission critical in any M&A project.

M&A Framework

M&A Strategy

- Strategic rationale
- Exercise
- Target Identification

M&A Project

- Proactive M&A origination
- Opportunistic M&A origination
- Workout
- Major M&A phases
- Core M&A tasks
- Confidentiality

M&A Project Organization

- Workload
- Teams of experts
- M&A project leadership levels



Module 2 presents in detail major phases of an M&A project. Major milestones of the Pre-Due Diligence phase are described, including Teaser document, Confidential Information Memorandum, and Indicative Offer. Module 2 outlines key areas of the Due Diligence, and illustrates the role of Data Request List, Electronic Data Room, Management Presentation and other information sources in order to develop a Due Diligence report. Module 2 shows also why reps and warranties are important negotiating the Sale and Purchase Agreement, and why Signing and Closing can constitute quite distinctive milestones in an M&A project.

M&A Phases


- Teaser
- Confidential Information Memorandum
- Indicative Offer
- Seller´s perspective
- Case
- Expert statement


- Areas of analysis
- Data Request List
- Case
- Expert statement
- Electronic Data Room
- Key functionalities
- Management presentation
- Other information sources
- Workout
- Due Diligence Report
- Case
- Expert statement

Post Due-Diligence

- Updated Offer
- Reps and warranties
- SPA and Signing
- Closing



Module 3 presents in detail core M&A tasks that need to be executed continuously over the course of an M&A project. After demonstrating why cash flow is an important basis for valuation Module 3 presents how to challenge systematically target’s assumptions on revenues, costs and capital reviewing the target business. Module 3 presents how value is created by M&A, and how synergies are both identified and prioritized.  Further, Module 3 explains how to prepare for post merger integration in order to implement planned synergies and to stabilize the target business illustrating among others the role of Target Operating Model (TOM), Transition Service Agreements (TSAs), Earn-out Agreements and M&A deal types.

M&A Tasks

Target Business Review 

- Cash flow
- Valuation
- Exercise
- Case
- Expert statement
- Challenge revenue assumptions
- Challenge cost assumptions
- Challenge capital assumptions
- Workout

Synergy Planning

- Value creation
- Case
- Expert statement
- Synergy identification
- Workout
- Case
- Expert statement
- Synergy assessement
- Cash flow impact and complexity
- Workout


- Case
- Expert statement
- Target Operational Model
- Implementation planning
- Case
- Transition Service Agreements
- Workout



Meet the Expert

In this online session, we would like to give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other course participants, alumni and the lecturer. You will have the possibility to ask your questions in a protected room, whether it is about the content of the online modules, the case study or questions that arise in preparation for your exam.

As a participant in the M&A2go, PMI2go and JV&A2go courses, you will automatically be informed via e-mail about the date of this online event to which you will be invited. Participation is optional and free of charge and lasts up to 1 hour (depending on the number of participants and their questions and discussions).

Key Facts


This online training will be completed with an online exam to achieve the certificate of Certified Mergers & Acquistions Associate (Frankfurt School).The exam is based on a case study, which can be written within the training period or in addition to the online training. 

Upon successful completion of both the Certified M&A Associate and Certified Associate in Joint Venture & Alliances (JV&A) courses, you will be conferred with the title of Certified Senior M&A Associate.

Degree: Certified Mergers & Acquistions Associate (Frankfurt School)

Target Group

M&A first-timers who are currently or in the future will be involved in a M&A projects. Young Professionals looking for basic knowledge to head for a career start or senior students who aim for an internship in the M&A industry.

Study Time

Study time for the online training: 8 - 10 h

Access to the training programme is provided for 3 months. 

During this time, you can access the learning content as often as you like. The above mentioned hours are only indicative so that you can estimate the amount of work involved.


Online training: € 1.480

When booking 2 of our M&A online trainings, you will receieve a 10% discount. Book 3, and you will be entitled to a 20% discount. 

Those inlcude: Certified M&A Associate, Certified M&A Integration Associate and Certified Associate in Joint Ventures and Alliances




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