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Leadership Development:

International Talent Development Programme

Corporate success depends on well-designed, long-term development and retention programmes that help talented individuals to take responsibility for shaping their own careers within the company.

The challenge:

Companies must never lose sight of the importance of opening up development pathways for high-potential employees so that they remain loyal to the company over the long term.

A highly successful, innovative family business in an extremely competitive industry, with several dozen subsidiaries on all continents, wishes to prepare in-house talents from over 60 countries for future challenges and management responsibilities within the Group. By developing an international talent management programme, the company aims to respond to

  • changing conditions on global markets,
  • the impact of demographic change, and
  • the pursuit of ever greater innovation and competitiveness

The programme is expected to help participants identify with the company and its values, and motivate them to further their own personal and professional development. Thanks to the programme’s focus on cross-company and cross-disciplinary networking, the sharing of best practices, and the joy of innovation, individuals should become ever more deeply committed to the company even as they continue to plan their own careers.

Our approach:

In our English-language Talent Development Programme, we work on personal and professional development, as well as corporate retention.

By focusing on “development” and “commitment”, our two-step approach:

  • strengthens the company’s leading position in the increasingly competitive market for skilled, talented employees, and
  • increases the effectiveness and impact of the company’s investment in a talent development programme by building internal networks and sharing best practices.

 As we design each programme in close collaboration with the client company, we first determine the relevant programme parameters. If the programme is to be implemented successfully, it must fully engage with and incorporate the company’s vision and mission, as well as its strategic and operational objectives. It must also take account of function-related target profiles as they apply to high potentials, of the results of a skills-based diagnostic tool forming part of the programme, and apply sustainable job and succession planning.

As we continue to prepare the programme, we prioritise the realistic assessment of the resources required to organise a programme lasting for 12-24 months or more that involves international participants. We also highlight the importance of providing ongoing support to talented employees as they continue to develop, with particular emphasis on the use of motivational anchors, mentoring and transfer techniques.


The result:

As the feedback shows: By taking a coherent, highly professional training approach delivered by a select team of trainers and coaches, it is possible to successfully and sustainably implement a professional development programme. The company has decided to work with us again as we extend the programme to cover a new generation of in-house talents.