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Diploma in Green Finance

Take a step beyond the Certified Expert

Boost your career with an international Diploma in Green Finance. 

The topic of green finance is increasingly under spotlight in the financial sector, with the ultimate goal of providing access to funds for sustainable projects. To build expertise in this sector, Frankfurt School offers this Diploma where you can obtain more than a just certificate in one year!

The Programme

The Diploma in Green Finance is designed for finance practitioners, policy makers, regulators and students. This course will provide participants with sound technical expertise in green finance which can be immediately applied in industry.

In this 12 month blended learning programme, participants will have the opportunity to combine the best of Frankfurt School - FSDF e-Campus and Frankfurt School Summer Academy.


  • 12 month part-time programme
  • Blended programme - combination of FSDF e-campus and Frankfurt School Summer Academy
  • Build technical expertise beyond one single certified expert course
  • High practice relevance combined with academic excellence
  • Networking opportunities among peers, International Advisory Services staff members and lecturers
  • International and diverse class with students from all over the world
  • Advancement to Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance

Target Audience

You are the ideal candidate for this diploma if:
  • You are a professional with work experience in the sustainable finance or green finance industry.
  • You are looking to build your technical expertise and get it recognised by an international university.
  • You want to climb the career ladder in your organisation.
  • You wish to follow an excellent, accredited programme alongside a full-time job to develop yourself professionally.
  • You are ready to make a real change in the economies of developing countries and/or in the battle against climate change.

Study Fee

The total tuition fee for the Diploma in Green Finance is €9,950*

We offer several combinable discounts for the programme:

- Early Bird Discount (until 15th July 2024) - 10%

- Alumni Discount - 10%

- Group Discount (2 or more participants) - 10%

Fee amount paid by already completed FSDF e-Campus courses will be deducted. For Summer Academy alumni, 2,750 EUR will be deducted from the tuition fee.

Fees are payable in three installments.

*Flights and accommodation for Summer Academy are not included.


The language of instruction is English.


Dates and Duration

Frankfurt School's Sustainable World Academy Diploma courses start twice a year, the beginning of March and the beginning of September.

Our blended diploma programmes are 12-month part-time trainings, designed to be conducted alongside full-time work or other obligations. Aside from a few deadlines, the programmes take a very flexible approach, allowing participants to create their own study schedule. Participants also have the opportunity to attend a one-week summer training programme at the Frankfurt School Summer Academy.

Course Contributions to UN SDGs

The SWA offers professional and executive courses dedicated to the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This course will enhance your knowledge in the following SDGs:



Registration for the September intake is now open. Register by July 15 to take advantage of our early bird discount.


Participants can personalise their curriculum by choosing three of the following Certified Expert courses:

- Climate Adaptation Finance

- Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Agricultural Finance**

- Climate and Renewable Energy Finance

- Financing NDCs

- ESG & Impact Investing

- NEW: Biodiversity Finance

Example Diploma journey:

Period 1

Choose two of the courses from the selection to begin your diploma journey. The participants who have already completed one of these courses will have the opportunity to get it recognised.

Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance

Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance

Reflecting sustainability criteria, especially climate change, in financial markets is increasingly gaining attention as opportunities and risks arising in this context are changing business practices. The course will prepare participants to understand major drivers and constraints of transforming the financial system to a more sustainable one. Furthermore, it will familiarise participants with the business, regulatory and technical perspective of sustainable finance and will acquaint them to take an active part in the discussion around the topic. 

Visit the course page.

Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance

Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance

This e-learning course is developed and implemented jointly with the Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Cente.

The Paris Agreement marks the beginning of a new era with the focus shifting from finding a consensus on the common goals to realising jointly agreed goals. “Making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development” (Article 2 c of the Paris Agreement) will require a significant increase in funding – with new instruments and approaches required to mobilise a broad range of investors and to achieve scalability in financing climate action. Financing the global energy transition will be one key building block.

Visit the course page.

Period 2

In the second period, participants choose one additional course from selection.  The participants who have already completed one of these courses will have the opportunity to get it recognised.

Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance

Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance

Climate change will have a profound impact on countries and economies. Businesses, small and large, are affected; investors face increased risks, something also observed by the insurance industry.

Governments are required to respond too, and do so in different ways: they provide adaptation planning and some (often public) infrastructure, but they also play a key role in providing a policy environment that facilitates the response measures by all stakeholders in the economy. Essential for this course is that most of these response measures – adaptation measures - require investment. There is a tremendous spectrum from small enterprises to corporates up to larger private or public infrastructure projects seeking climate adaptation finance.

Visit the course page.

Period 3

During this period, participants attend the Summer Academy. After which they must complete either Project Work (5 ECTS) or an assignment (2 ECTS) to conclude the diploma. The decision to complete project work or an assignment is predetermined by the participant's previous course choices.

Assignment/Project Work

Assignment/Project Work

The aim of the assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge gained during the programme. It is the assignment that proves that you have mastered the subject matter. It also demonstrates that you are able to perform critical analysis of a given problem and draw conclusions relevant for your respective company settings. Furthermore, the assignment is evidence that you can describe the project related activities and results in a well-written format.

Classroom Training

Frankfurt School Summer Academy

This is the shortest period of the diploma. In this period, the participants  to participate in the Summer Academy. You can choose one track from the various specialist tracks offered in our one-week summer programme. 

Training Approach

The flexible, blended, part-time training structure offers you the opportunity to follow your own schedule and to combine daily work with professional development. The high quality of our training approach will have an immediate impact on your daily job performance.

Final Exam

Each Certified Expert course within the Diploma in Green Finance programme will end with an online final exam.

Find more information here.

Our Online Features

  • Mentoring and on-going support from our experienced trainers and tutors throughout the entire programme;
  • Training material based on international best practice with examples from all over the world;
  • A hands-on, practical focus with tools and guidance for real life implementation;
  • A discussion forum for sharing experiences between participants and with the online master team that will expose you to recent developments in the financial sector.

Training Materials

Video Lectures 
  • Video lectures give an introduction to the topics of each unit and a basic understanding of each topic. 
  • Web based lectures complement the scripts and give get additional input.

Most units include a downloadable PDF script, which serves as the main training material. The scripts provide basic concepts and principles applicable to the subject-matter of each unit including important definitions, key messages, exercises and examples.

Online Tests

Each unit ends with an online test comprising of a set of 10 - 15 multiple choice questions. After having successfully completed the test you will gain access to the next unit.

Case Studies

The key to successful learning is the immediate use of newly acquired knowledge and the transfer of theory into practice. The mandatory Case Studies have to be solved and submitted by a determined deadline.

Further Readings

The e-library contains the links to latest studies and sector reports, recent publications, and relevant papers.

Discussion Forum

The forum enables the interaction between students and tutors. It facilitates the exchange of experiences and allows the opportunity to ask questions or obtain clarifications.

Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance

After successful completion of Diploma in Green Finance, you can advance to Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance online provided you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Undergraduate academic degree (bachelor’s or equivalent) from a recognised university (including diploma and transcript of records)
  • Proven excellent written and spoken English
  • At least two years of relevant work experience (proven by a recommendation letter from your former or current employer)
  • Admission Test and Interview

You will also have the opportunity to recognise the e-learning courses that you have taken during the Diploma. Completing the Diploma in Green Finance is one of many pathways leading to masters level, and isn't a prerequisite for applicants. To find out more, please write to us on onlinemaster@fs.de.

Alumni Discount

Alumni of the Diploma in Green Finance are eligible for an exclusive 2,500.00 EUR discount from the Online Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance programme. Take your Diploma to the next level.

Diploma alumni are also offered a 25% discount across the e-Campus Certified Expert portfolio.

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