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International Executive Campus


The International Executive Campus week specialises in advanced executive learning topics, targeting middle to senior executives who wish to enhance their management and leadership skills. Topics like Leadership, Strategy, Innovation and Project Management as well as Sustainability and Women in Business are crucial for a sustainable and successful Business Development. Different nationalities coming from various industry backgrounds create a diversified training setup and enable fruitful discussions. Additionally the week provides networking opportunities during our evening receptions.

Business Development Academy

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

The programme is designed for middle and senior managers responsible for business and/or new product development as well as for entrepreneurs who want to enhance their managerial skills in how to turn innovation into business growth. The programme will enable you to apply state-of-the-art tools to successfully develop your business and understand how to create value through strategic planning and innovation.

Business Development through Strategy and Innovation

International Leadership Academy

People putting their hands together

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

A hands-on training course where course participants will learn the essentials of leadership and what defines a leader. Leading with Impact has become a path for many to reach their next level managerial positions. Participants will understand the complexity of leadership by participating in our Leadership Assessment. They will also analyse their own leadership style and identify key success factors by using this tool.

Treasury & Global Markets Week

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

The course is designed  for senior staff in treasury and trading, risk management, compliance and internal audit of banks and financial institutions who want to upscale their decision making skills in financial products.The seminar emphasizes comprehensive scenario analysis and interactive stress testing applied to realistic cases that encourage best practice experiential learning and peer exchange.

People working together on a project

Strategic Bank Management

colorful notes on the board with two people discussing in the background

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

Strategic Bank Management is for middle and senior managers who are employed in the banking and finance sector as well as for consultants or advisors in the same field. The course gives participants the opportunity to get a bird's-eye view of current trends in the field of Banking and Finance and open high level discussions among participants in a classroom setting. 

Managing Projects Effectively

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

Participants will learn how to manage a project as a temporary endeavor designed to meet unique goals and objectives. They will learn how to successfully initiate, plan, execute, control and close a specific work under constraints of time, budget, staff and risk to produce pre-defined results.

People pointing at statistics on a table

Digital Transformation

AI Lab GPU Box

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

Designed for senior decision makers who want to enhance their skills in developing and implementing a digital strategy for their companies. Digital transformation is a strategic initiative aimed at transforming a company’s operations and business models to leverage digital technologies to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and better meet the needs and expectations of customers. The programme emphasises the transformation of companies through innovation and adaptation that enable them to operate in a digital world.

Additional Programmes

The Business Development Academy, the International Leadership Academy and the Managing Project Effectively seminars are also the in-class specialisations for the Certified Expert in Business Development programme; and the Treasury & Global Markets Week is also the the in-class specialisation for the Certified Expert in Treasury & Markets programme. 

All topics can be customised to your companies needs and requirements.

Please also see International Study Tour and Management Development Programme – Blended Learning.