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Asset Management and Investing in Crypto Assets

Custody of Tokens, Various Types of Tokens, Crypto ETPs, Crypto Funds, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)



Crypto assets are a new asset class which has grown to hundreds of billion US dollars. This starts with Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the top 2 crypto assets. Such tokens can be purchased directly via crypto exchanges or indirectly with exchange traded products (ETPs). Even more so, hundreds of crypto funds and crypto indices have emerged with various investment strategies. Lastly, decentralised finance (DeFi) applications provide further investment possibilities. All these opportunities represent many new investment opportunities which require solid asset management approaches. Some of these investment opportunities are correlated with others, some are not. 
Even more so, thousands of tokens exist in various domains. Therefore, understanding and assessing the various types of tokens is paramount. Once having purchased these tokens, they can be stored on crypto exchanges. Or, alternatively, private custody can be done at the discretion of the investor. Using the words of the European Commission, these are unhosted wallets.
This programme introduces participants to the entire universe of investment opportunities in the domain of crypto assets. It also sets the context for various investment tactics, for example directly via the purchases of tokens or indirectly via wrapping crypto assets in publicly listed or private investment vehicles. Finally, it also discusses selected legal considerations and challenges related to crypto assets.
This seminar is organised in collaboration with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC). The FSBC is a think tank and research center focused primarily on investigating the implications of blockchain technology. In addition to general research and prototype development, the FSBC serves as a networking hub for managers, start-ups, and experts to exchange knowledge and best practices.



In this one-day seminar, participants will gain a broad knowledge of crypto assets and in-depth insights into various investment possibilities. This includes learning about asset custody, asset purchases, crypto funds, crypto indices, decentralised finance (DeFi) and more. The perspective of financial portfolio modelling is also helpful, since an ideal share of crypto assets in a total portfolio can be estimated to be 4% to 6%. 

The participants in this seminar will understand the how, why, and what of the direct handling of crypto tokens and their “wrapping” in crypto funds or other investment vehicles. Such investment vehicles might be publicly listed on stock market exchanges (e.g. Bitcoin ETPs, Ethereum ETPs) or they might only be privately accessible because of regulation. Some of them are complying with European regulatory requirements, others are existing offshore.

Your Advantages

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of asset management with crypto tokens and investment possibilities in the crypto ecosystem
  • Interactive learning approach with individual support and opportunities to ask specific questions
  • A concise course structure designed to bring you up to speed rapidly 
  • Experienced lecturers with deep experience working with crypto assets
  • Valuable networking opportunities with other participants


Employees and decision-makers from the financial sector interested in blockchain technology or who want to enter the market of crypto assets
Innovation managers, CIOs and CDOs, IT strategists, executive managers, and experts in business administration, as well as individuals who would like to learn more about crypto assets and blockchain systems.

Employees of startups with digital business models

Lawyers and consultants with a focus on capital market law and digitisation

In-house events for groups from companies are also possible on other dates. Feel free to contact us - we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you


This seminar and its programme is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the very broad possibilities to invest in crypto assets, either wrapped in financial instruments or directly accessible via smart contract platforms such as Ethereum. While participating in this seminar, participants will hear lectures from leading experts in their respective fields, participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions, and make connections with other people working in the industry. 


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