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European Regulatory Reporting Specialist – Improve your knowledge in Regulatory Reporting

Certificate Programme

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Regulatory reporting is a vital and complex process which requires a deep understanding of two things: the demands of regulators and key stakeholders and the needs of the business. This course provides professionals with first class know-how and a practical approach to fulfil these requirements. The end-of-course assessment serves as final documentation of participants’ improvement as experts in the field of regulatory reporting.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of 5 modules over 12 days. It extends over a total of 7 month. In addition, we offer a two hour online Q&A session open to all participants with our trainer Achim Spengard to answer questions regarding the final exam.

To obtain the certification you have to pass a written exam.
(180 min, open questions and answers)

Module 1: Legal framework and general overview (3 days)

  • Regulatory framework of the European Union
  • Own funds
  • Overview of the COREP and FINREP reporting systems
  • Bank regulatory consolidation

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Module 2: Own Funds Requirements – CRR (4 days)

  • Introduction to the own funds requirements
  • Requirements for credit risk
  • Requirements for market risk and other risks of trading activities
  • Operational risk requirements 

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Module 3: Liquidity Provisions (2 days)

  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)
  • Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR)
  • Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM)

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Module 4: Large Exposures Reporting and AnaCredit (2 days)

  • The large exposure regime according to the CRR
  • Group connected clients
  • Look through approach for transactions with underlying assets
  • AnaCredit reporting requirement

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Module 5: Recap and mock exam (1 day)

Q&A and trial exam.
This seminar is designed as preparation for the exam covering CRR Reporting Obligations.

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Key Facts


European Regulatory Reporting Specialist
(Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Target group

Professionals, who work in the field of reporting, risk management, credit and bank management, experts who are in charge of internal auditing and financial accounting as well as consultants and IT experts.

Duration and schedule

7 months (5 modules, 12 seminar days, 1 web session)
The exact dates are shown in the schedule in the download area.

For the preparation and follow-up of the topics as well as the preparation for the exams you have to calculate with a workload of about 80 hours. The attendance times on the seminar days (8 hours each) must be added to this. 


Module 1 (3 days): 03.–05.06.2024

Module 2 (4 days): 24.-27.06.2024 

Module 3 (2 days): 09.–10.09.2024 

Module 4 (2 days): 15.–16.07.2024 

Module 5 (1 day): 30.10.2024

Online-Session (2h): tbd

Exam (3h): 25.11.2024

Study location

The course is offered online only.


For complete booking (modules can also be booked individually except for module 5)
total amount 7,900 Euro
Including registration (100 Euro) and exam (400 Euro)
The amounts are VAT-free.

10 percent price advantage
from the 2nd participant per company and seminar date.